It Is Better for Children to Grow Up in the Countryside Than in a Big City

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I was born in a small, quiet and peaceful village. Like other children in the village, I hope that one day I will live in a big city. Because I think that it is better for children to grow up in a big city than in the countryside. There are many advantages when living in a big city.

Firstly, the infrastructure in big city is much better than in the countryside, so the life there is more convenient. There are many highways and long, big bridges, which make transportation easier. With so may transport means such as taxi, family car, bus, cycle... it is very easy for you to go anywhere at any time. Along busy streets are tall, beautiful buildings. They are hotels, restaurants, embassies, hospitals, schools, private village big schools, big hospitals equipped with modern facilities make the study and treating disease more effective. Living in big cities, children have good opportunities to learn in good schools and examine in good hospitals. In entertainment centre, there are many games to develop children' body including physical games and intellectual ones. Children can play there after hard periods in class. In big cities, telecommunications are also completed. Children can access with new technology easily. It's wonderful to live in big city. That's reason why I wanted to stay in my uncle's house in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, when I visited her at the children' age.

Secondly, big cities are not only economic cen ters but also social, cultural ones of a country. People here are active, polite, and intelligent... They are always busy with their work. It's good for children to get acquainted with people like them. Children can learn more from life in big cities than in the countryside. The life is hard and difficult, so it's good to adapt to it when you are children. The life in city helps children to have beautiful dream and have chance to make these dreams come true.

Although there are also disadvantages in big cities such as social evils,...
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