IT Investment At North American Financi

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IT Investment at North
American Financial
Case Study 3

 North

American Financial is a banking
institution that serves the Home Loan Market
 There is an in-house IT organization that is
lead by Caroline Weese, the new CIO.
 Bill Harris is the Company CEO
 Matt Harper is the CFO
 Cathy Benson is the Senior VP of Business
Banking Product Management


case looks at the relationship
between business strategy and IT
development projects. It makes it clear
that enterprise business strategies
need enterprise solutions and a
procedure for accomplishing this end.
This case also speaks directly to the
disconnect between IT budgeting
practices and financial and business
strategy implementation.


management agrees that
IT is great at delivering “projects” at
North American Financial (NAF),
However, senior management
questions whether they are actually
delivering “value” with IT.
The Company is discovering that
delivering value depends on striking
a partnership between IT and the


case outlines five specific
problems at NAF:
IT budgeting is misaligned with
enterprise strategy,
Project decisions are made without
cross-functional synergies,
Inconsistent business cases,
No ability to stop projects,
No accountability for delivering


an initial meeting with senior
management, Matt and Caroline meet with
others in the organization and come up with
the following set of principles:
Alignment of the IP development portfolio
with enterprise strategies
Rigor and common standards around IT
planning and business casing
Accountability in both business and IT for
delivering value
Collaboration and cross group synergies in
all IT work.


Team develops the following vision
◦ “Our Vision is for a holistic view of our IT
spending that will allow us to direct our
resources where they will have the greatest
impact. We propose to increase rigor and
discipline in business casing and benefits
tracking so NAF can invest with confidence in
IT. The result will be strategic partnerships
between IT and business units based on trust,
leading us to surprise and delight our
customers and employees and amaze our


Company’s solution to the issues that
have been discussed is to create the IT
Investment Office
Cathy Benson is tasked with leading this
Caroline Weese states that she believes
that getting this work out of IT, and into
the business,will be critical to this process.
She feels that the decision-making process
needs to be clearer and more


Harper notes that the
business unit heads are not going
to like having decision making
power removed from their


Benson has her work cut
out for her…


feels that the team faces the following 3
interconnected issues:
The design of a rigorous method for
categorizing and prioritizing IT projects;
The development of a system of comprehensive
and holistic governance of IT spending and
benefits delivery at all levels; and
The development of an annual IT planning
process that provides transparency and
accountability to all types of IT spending and
that creates an integrated and strategically
aligned development portfolio.

Your mission

up with solutions for Issues 1 and
3 as identified by Cathy.
APA format – double spaced, 12 point
Times New Roman typeface, cover page,
reference page and A MAXIMUM OF 5
Due date – December 9, 2014
Upload to Blackboard at the link in the
Week 7 folder.

Your Mission

assignment asks you to discuss
ways to categorize IT Projects to meet
business needs - so you’ll want to
discuss the...

References: Due date – December 9, 2014
Upload to Blackboard at the link in the
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