It Infrastructure Security Policy

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IT Infrastructure Security Policy

Purpose of the Network InfrastructureThe Companies values openness and promotes access to a wide range of information; accordingly, the campus information systems have been designed to be as open as possible.The Companies network consists of: data cables and jacks from the wiring closets to the user's work station, or wireless access points to a user's PC; copper and optical data communications cables; Ethernet switches, routers, servers, and peripherals; systems to enable and manage access; and systems to monitor the capacity and maintain the integrity of the network, with the goal to provide high availability and capacity to support the needs of the network users. The reliability, availability and adequate capacity of network resources is critical to the day-to-day function of the Companies. Each member of the Companies community (students, faculty, staff, and guests) is expected to protect the integrity of the network and to know and adhere to Companies rules, regulations and guidelines for their appropriate use. Regulations that govern personal conduct and use of Companies facilities also apply to the use of network resources. * Components of the Network Infrastructure Policy * Appropriate Use * Unacceptable Use * Access Restrictions * Request for Evaluation

Components of the Network Infrastructure Policy * * Connecting Devices to the Network * The campus network is a shared resource. It is therefore necessary to strike a balance between enabling opportunities for teaching and research, and protecting the integrity of network resources. To this end, Companies must be involved in the planning, acquisition, maintenance, and on-going connectivity of all network devices. This will ensure the appropriate network design, interoperability of components and integrity of operation.If a device is connected to the network infrastructure without prior consultation, Companies cannot guarantee the on-going connectivity and proper operation of the device. * * Wireless Network Equipment The interest and use of wireless networking (802.11a, 802.11b & 802.11g, Wi-Fi) is evolving rapidly. All network use policies apply to the use of wireless LAN technology. Wireless access to Companies resources which will be secured through a central authentication system, except for specific departmental needs. The company will work with individual departments and colleges to help address their special needs for wireless technology. * * Domain Name Service Internet servers for academic departments or administrative units serving campus related information may need DNS entries set up for the server. Requests for DNS entries will need to be submitted to the Networking unit of Companies for approval. No other DNS server should be setup by other campus units. DNS names will not be given to a server set up for personal use, such as a personal web server. Any web site served on the web servers maintained by Companies such as,, and will carry the appropriate path names as URL; no DNS name will be given. Occasionally members of the Companies community may sponsor an organization that is loosely affiliated with the Companies. These organizations may be of professional, scholarly, partnership or entrepreneurial nature. Under certain circumstances it may be appropriate for these organizations to hold DNS names other than , while hosting them in the Companies domain. Provided that the use of these domains support the Companies’s mission and are consistent with all applicable Companies policy, Companies may host them within the domain. Approval and regular review of these domains will be conducted on a case-by-case basis by the Chancellor and the CIO. Additionally, there are technical criteria that must be met, such as: 1. "Servers in the domain must reside in the McGraw data center. 2. This progress...
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