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A Research Report
On Infrastructure Sharing

New Trends in Telecommunication Infrastructure Sharing

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the INTERNATIONAL MBA IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY


Nirak Rawal

Under the guidance of

Mr. Kulkarni S.R- Manager Projects (GTL Infra)
B.E – Electronics

JARO EDUCATION Mumbai November, 2011


I, Nirak Rawalherebydeclare that this project report titled New Trendsin Telecommunication Infrastructure sharing submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the International MBA in Information Technology is my original work and it has not formed the basis for the award of any other degree.

Nirak Rawal

Place: Mumbai Date: 29.11.2011

Acknowledgement:Every project whether big or small is successful due to the guidance and support of the several people. This research project on new Trends in Telecommunication Infrastructure Sharing has been successful due to several such people.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my project guide Mr. Kukkarni S. R, who is Project Manager for GTL Infrastructure, for the appreciable support and invaluable guidance with providence of resources in terms of knowledge, theoretical gains and practical experience.

A successful project can never be prepared by the singular effort of the person to whom project is assigned, but it also demands the help and guardianship or some conversant persons who undersigned actively or passively in the completion of a successful project. I am thankful to Mr. RajendraDalvi, technical Director for Interactive Infocom India Pvt. Ltd. Whose guidance and co-operation have been of immense help for successful completion of this project.

Finally, I would like to thanks my colleagues who directly or indirectly gave a helping hand in the form of suggestions for improvements, feedback and information for completion of projects.

Excecutive Summary:-

The growth in Infrastructure Sharingis expected to continue with the entry of new 2G operators and the anticipated entry of 3G and WiMAX players. The demand for cell sites is expected to increase with each operator vying for geographical expansion of their network. In addition with deployment of data services like email, Internet, and video will require telecom operators to increase cell density on their existing network.

The Department of telecommunication (DOT) has given a high priority to the issue of passive infrastructure sharing. It has also expressed its concern that while encouraging infrastructure sharing it should be ensured that the same should not come in the way of the growth of mobile services in the country. Active and Passive Infrastructure sharing would play a vital tool in reducing the cost of operation for services providers.


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Industry Profile Company Profile Objective Of Study Need For Study Literature Study Infrastructure Sharing Business Model for Infrastructure sharing Infrastructure Sharing Players Conclusions and Suggestions Bibliography

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Industry Profile:The Indian Telecommunications industry has been experiencing impressive growth since the late 1990’s, primarily because of a strong demand for mobile Telecommunication services, and in, recent years a strengthening economy. In the area of mobile telecommunication services, the country has achieved the distinction of having one of the world’s lower cost rates, the fastest growth in subscribers base.

The department of telecommunications (DOT), Government of India, has established a goal of 2.2 billion subscribers by 2013.The country would require about 350000 lakhs towers by 2011. Against the present one lakhs towers in order to meet this target.


Company Profile:- GTL Infrastructure Limited( GTL Infra)

GTL Infrastructure Limited (GTL Infra), a Global...
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