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IT Project Implementation Failures

The typical implementation process or plan includes the following, “workflow and process analysis the organization needs to identify opportunities for improvement and as appropriate effect those changes. Identify sources of data including interfaces to other systems, redesign physical location as needed. Then comes the system installation determine system configuration, order and install hardware, prepare computer room upgrade or implement IT infrastructure, customize software test, retest, and test again. Next, the organization should have staff training so that they are up to date on the new system procedure manuals should be updated as well so if the occasion arises the staff can refer to the information. After this the data needs to be converted and system testing. Finally, preparation for go-live date select a date when patient volume is relatively low ensures sufficient staff is on hand. Setup mechanism for reporting and correcting problems and issues review and effect process reengineering. () During the implementation process there should be an organized implementation team and a system champion. The implementation team is responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting and managing the new system. The team should include an IT professional with technical database and network administration expertise. They will be responsible for installing software setting up data tables, and customizing the network infrastructure to support the system and organization needs. A system champion is also a part of the implementation system the champion is someone who is well respected in the organization believes the new system is necessary to the organization obtaining its goals and very passionate about having the system intergrated into the organization. () In the case study St. Lukes Medical Center implementation team did not describe the goals for the organization. They also did not clarify the goals that the EMR implementation...
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