It Guiding Principles

Topics: Information technology, Macroeconomics, Investment Pages: 2 (268 words) Published: July 7, 2012
Information Technology
Guiding Principles

Information technology services are governed by a set of guiding principles. These principles were developed to express the fundamental concepts and guiding themes for global information technology initiatives, and to assure that activities and IT accomplishments are aligned with corporate strategic goals. Guiding principles document the essential notions for information technology services, provide direction to assure that common goals exist, and communicate a unified message. Ideally, every action taken within the information technology environment should be assessed against the following guiding principles:

Customer Driven Solutions that Enable Business Achievement. Customer outreach is critical to ensuring current and future investments are aligned to enable the achievement of corporate strategic business goals.

Maintain an Adaptable Infrastructure. The infrastructure must be dynamic yet secure, evolving from the current state to a target state that uses reference architectures to incorporate emerging technologies when appropriate and plan for end of life cycle systems. An adaptable infrastructure also promotes the reuse of viable existing systems, which reduces overall complexity and redundancy.

Information is a Strategic Corporate Asset. Quality information is necessary for informed investment decisions and planning. Models and metrics are useful tools to define the architecture that facilitates information sharing to enhance and accelerate decision-making. Promotes global data standardization, reuse, interoperability, and information management within its internal stakeholders and industry partners.

Best Investment Value. Investments in information technology will enable meeting priorities while achieving spending restraint and accountability for investment decisions. Investments must be economically and technically achievable, reusable where practical to...
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