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Topics: Health care, Doctor, Medicine Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: January 19, 2014
Current Situation.
the lack of standardization throughout the multiple locations, and the problems related to healthcare and standardization. Peachtree Healthcare’s strategy has changed as the healthcare system has grown. What was first a pair of teaching hospitals has become a regional network of 11 institutions with additional support facilities. With over 4,000 employees, and a million patients Peachtree’s IT infrastructure has not kept up with their growth. Peachtree’s reputation is built upon its “quality, consistency, and continuity of care across the entire network” and while doing so they strive for the “highest levels of efficacy, economy, and respect for patients and staff” (Glaser p.1-2).

While the healthcare industry has moved towards standardization Peachtree has resisted. Peachtree’s CEO believes that “the last word in all matters of patient care should rest with the doctor and the patient”, and instead of blanked standardization, he prefers selected standardization of “clinical treatment – immunizations, pharmacy record keeping, aspects of diabetes care” and other areas where there was little disagreement on the best solution. Peachtree Healthcare will be impacted by the new IT system, it is unavoidable and necessary. In order to make an educated decision on the best IT system for Peachtree these impacts must be analyzed. The inaction of a new IT system will inevitably impact the doctors, patients, administrative staff and possibly the business processes. By forecasting the impacts of a monolithic and SOA based system the best choice can be made.

One of Peachtree’s main concerns is the doctor’s resistance to standardization and a new IT system. Max, the CEO, voices these concerns in Glaser’s article saying “a monolithic system would render the surgical approach difficult to the point of impossibility. But SOA might blow up in everyone’s faces”. SOA systems without proper planning are likely to “blow up in everyone’s faces”, however;...
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