IT Career Ladder

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Computer Information Systems Career Cluster
The Career Ladder project is to help students get an idea of where they want to go in life. Research for this report included information from academic journals, management books, and online sources. Everything I found indicates that to reach the top of a successful career you need to dedicate a numerous amount of time. While it is clear that each rung of your career ladder has different skill and education requirements, you should not let that stop you from seeing the big picture. The more we put into anything the more you can get out of it. From this report you can see that three to five years may not get you to the top. Only receiving your bachelors may not be enough. No matter what it takes you have to keep advancing and getting better to reach your dream. I recommend that anyone reading this that has a dream of reaching a higher level position continue to work for it and not let having to spend more time gaining knowledge stop you.

The ultimate career goal in my life is to become an IT manager. Therefore, I would fall under the IT cluster. From what I’ve found there are four different career pathways. The pathways include: Information support and services. Programming and software development. Network systems. And Interactive media. Since an IT manager is the highest position you can hold in the IT field, I’d start off in an entry level position. To work in this field common degrees include BA of Computer Science or BA of Computer Information Systems. Although these are preferred you can still work in IT with a degree in another area. Many companies will want you to have certain certifications like C++, Cisco Systems, and Check Point Software. Technology is constantly updating so you have to stay literate. Information and support services holds more employees than any other IT pathway. My choice as a Computer System Support Specialist would fall specifically under this pathway. Professionals hold a variety of jobs in this field. Some include analyzing computer user’s requirements, writing instruction manuals, and Implementing and operating the system. Programming and software development is the second section of my career cluster. After moving up from an entry-level position I’d want to move on to programming. Programmers design software and translate their designs into computer codes. Skills to program can be quite difficult. Focusing on every detail is imperative to producing a successful code. With becoming a programmer technical schools or community college training is accepted. You could immediately start work after training but you would have to learn a lot more as you go along.

Network system deals more with the applications of a computer and how they can be linked together. The World Wide Web is a perfect example of a network system. The Internet is by far the largest system of networks connecting hundreds of users. For me to become a Systems Analyst at some point I’d fall under this career pathway. A specific degree isn’t necessary for this but broad training is.

Career Ladder

Bachelors of CIS
The first step to becoming successful is obtaining my CIS degree. A bachelor in computer information systems can be one of the broadest IT qualifications. With this degree there are a number of subjects covered. Business, networking, and software design will be the most helpful in my case. By attending Alabama State it will take me roughly four years. If I’m able to intern it may take longer depending on what opportunities I may be offered. Computer Support Specialist

Education requirements for a Computer Support Specialist vary. An employee in this occupation will usually need training with an experienced worker. Previous work related skill is necessary. Employees should be capable of answering user inquiries regarding computer software or hardware operation to resolve problems. Overseeing the daily...
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