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1.0 Brief introduction of S.I.W.E.S
1.1 Personal Information
1.2 Local Supervisor’s Profile
1.3 Company’s Profile
1.4 Service(s) Offered By The Company
1.5.0 Company Organogram
1.5.1 My Location In The Company
2.0 My Job Placement
2.1 My Daily Activities
2.2 Level Of Computer Usage on the Job
3.0 What I Have Learnt
3.1.0 What I Have Learnt On Networking
3.1.1 What I Have Learnt Under NUC-Student Database Centre 3.2 How Relative My New Knowledge Is To What I Was Taught 3.3 What I Can Now Do With The Computer After My IT Experience CHAPTER FOUR

4.0 My Expectation Back In School
4.1 My Expectation Back To The Company
4.2 My Expectation In The Secular World
5.0 Summary
5.1 Recommendation

1.0 Brief Introduction Of S.I.W.E.S
The Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.W.E.S) is a stipulated industrial training (IT) attachment which the intermediate student of the tertiary institution (universities and polytechnic ) are mandated to get involve in, it usually be within the period of three to twelve month work/experience. The objectives of these IT scheme is : * To provide a nation-wide mechanism to address key skill demand. * To develops the manual skills of trainees associated with scientific and technological operation. * Apply theoretical concepts and school based skills to practice. * To develops the trainees’ personality and understanding of individual and group in work situation . * To develop work attitudes like curiousness, self-confidence, maturity and self-reliance in student. * To provide to the trainee background information and experience in career i.e. obtain knowledge of potential careers and develop new areas of interest * To enhance training, know the skill gap and improve the quality of training. To mention but a few, all the above are some of the objectives of the IT scheme.

1.1 Personal Information

Name: Augustine Sunday Eronke
Dept: Computer Science
Matric No: 08/50018
Level: 300
State of Origin: Cross-river state
L.G.A: Bekwarra
Address: Room 126 hall 6, malabor unical hostel Email:
1.2Local Supervisor
Name: Engr. Okoro osahon
Position: ICT Engineer
Phone No: 08069006291
1.3Company Profile
Name: ICT Unit, university of calabar, calabar Address: ICT Unit department of Math/Stat & Computer Science Contact: Mr. Essien – 080
1.4Services Offered By The Company
The service offered by these company is ICT services such as internet service for university of calabar 1.5.0Company’s Organogram
Board of Directors
The company’s organogram is given by the chart belowICT Chairman ICT Directors
ICT Administrator
ICT Engineers
IT Training Unit
1.5.1 My Location In The Company From the above chart showing the company’s organogram, my location in the company is in the IT training unit which comprises of the IT-student and the NYSC corp. members. | |

2.1My Job Placement
The departments where I render services during my IT attachment are: * The Networking Department
* The Student NUC-Database Centre/Department
2.2 My Daily Activities
My activities during my IT attachment was not really divided into daily, weekly and monthly because it is training based unit. But what I do daily is to learn different aspect of networking both theoretical and practical. A times I got involved in a group work with other...
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