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Topics: Windows Vista, Intel Core 2, Centrino Pages: 9 (2401 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Information Technology

Robert Gordon Univeristy
Graduate Certificate in Management Studies

Catherine Chigavazira


1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

1. New Functional Requirements
2. Proposed Approach to System Acquisition
3. General Overview of Hardware Needs/Requirements
4. Operating System and Software Advantages
5. Budget

3. Implementation

4. IT System Options and System Design

5. Business Benefits

1. Network Access and Security
2. Legal Issues

6. Management Challenges

7. Conclusion

8. Reference
Information technology has been growing rapidly over the last decade. In our ever increasingly competitive, technologically advanced and profit motivated global economy, all factions of the business community are searching for opportunities to strategically reduce inherent business and operational costs while systematically increasing their profitability and revenues. As a result, it is essential for today’s business companies to implement Information Systems in their operation. A well established Information System can help a company operate its business efficiently and effectively. Hence, it is strongly recommended that today’s companies implement the suitable Information System for the well-being and growth of their respective businesses. This proposal has been prepared by Datatech Computer Systems in the context of seeking approval for the commencement of the proposed Data Management System for Dixie Catering Ltd. Two options are considered: purchase of a commercial system; and in-house development of the system. Our analysis indicates that the best option will be to develop the system internally, because this option is the most cost-effective and the steering committee will have the greatest control over development process and quality. The system development and implementation costs ₤20,000 and has short payback period. Other firms may propose overall budgets that amount to less than listed in this proposal in terms of equipment costs, however the equipment recommend is by far the best and recommended. Some equipment such as servers and switches may seem overpriced in comparison to what is available in the market, but our analysts have thoroughly researched operational feasibility and ratings given by other businesses to list what we will serve Dixie in the best possible way as shown in Appendix 1 and 2.

The plan proposed will span a period of 2 months for successful completion and assumes that all negotiations and deals regarding the plan will be completed by the end of March, 2009 The new system will have strategic importance for future growth because it can be implemented in different departments.


Dixie Catering Ltd, trading as Dixie Chicken is a small chain of four restaurants, who deliver food to a large number of customers in and Leeds. There are about 64 employees at Dixie working at the four restaurants. At present, the company is planning to implement the Document Management System (DMS) which is intended for managing generation, processing, duplication and the storage of orders, as well as for organization and automation of the main procedures involved in company. The first step in the project to install DMS in the Commercial Office which is responsible for: • customer services

• market research and new market development
• advertising and sales
• branch management
• new technology project management
The company has been largely using an inefficient paper based system for many years. When an order is to be delivered the paper has to be retrieved and there have been issues with the orders being delivered to the wrong addresses. There are also sometimes delays as the addresses need to be found.

The other problem has been...

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