IT Applications in Facilities Management

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Information is one of the main weapon needed for any professional. If the person is not fulfill with the information then the person cannot succeed thru out his work. Information technology is one of the main key areas. It will make the professional to do their work easy and efficiently. Facilities manager is one of the key role that can be found in any company. From this report we have mention various types of Information technology applications that can be used by facilities manager. These applications can be used for day to day operations. From the first chapter we have discuss how this soft wares are important for this field. By all the other sections we have indicate why we need the application and how to work on it. And what type of work can be done from each and every software. The report will give a good idea on how the facilities manager can manage his or work with IT.

Why do we need computer Software?

Software, in its simplest form, is a set of instructions, telling the computer what to do. The hardware, the physical pieces of the computer, are all well and good, but for what we'd like to do with computers, we need a way of giving them instructions, and letting the computers do lots of different jobs. We want our computers to browse the internet, play music, do mathematics for us, let us write our documents, and so on. Without software, all the things we want to do would have to be defined in advance, and we'd only ever be able to do the things that the hardware manufacturer thought about. With software, we get the chance to give our computers lots of things to do, and always with the option of giving it new tasks. It makes the hardware multi-purpose and generic, and lets us put all the specific stuff into the software, where it's easily changed, added and removed. Example: When you press a key on the keyboard, it makes a small electrical signal. It's software that gets told about this signal, and works out what to do with it. It passes through a few bits of software that figures out what letter you pressed, which application is currently receiving input from the keyboard; the application itself decides whether the letter should be added to some text, or whether it should move a game character on screen. Without software, the electrical signal from the key would only ever mean one thing, fixed in the factory.

What is Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)?

Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) includes the creation and utilization of Information Technology (IT)-based systems in the built environment. A typical CAFM system is defined as a combination of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and/or relational database software with specific abilities for Facilities Management (FM). The purpose of a CAFM system includes:

To help the facility's manager ensure the organization's assets are fully utilized at the lowest possible cost, while providing benefit to every phase of a building's lifecycle, and

To support operational and strategic facility management, i.e. all of the activities associated with administrative, technical, and infrastructural FM tasks when the...
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