It and Its Applications in My Life

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Information Technology

Information Technology deal with the use of electronic Computers and telecommunication equipments to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and retrieve information.

The term is commonly used as a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also encompasses other information distribution technologies such as television and telephones.

Information Technology Association of America, in a business context has defined information technology as "the study, design, development, application, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems".

Several industries are associated with information technology, such as computer hardware, software, electronics,semiconductors, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services. The responsibilities of those working in the field include network administration, software development and installation, and the planning and management of an organization's technology life cycle, by which hardware and software is maintained, upgraded, and replaced.

The term "information technology" in its modern sense first appeared in a 1958 article published in the Harvard Business Review; authors Harold J. Leavitt and Thomas L. Whisler commented that "the new technology does not yet have a single established name. We shall call it information technology (IT)." Based on the storage and processing technologies employed, it is possible to distinguish four distinct phases of IT development: pre-mechanical (3000 BC – 1450 AD), mechanical (1450–1840), electromechanical (1840–1940) and electronic (1940–present).

The Term is used to describe the process involving recording, processing, storing, retrieving, transmitting, and again recording of information from the feedback.

IT & its applications in my life

Information Technology plays a vital role in most of our daily activities. There is hardly anyone who has not been affected or influenced by IT. With each passing day, newer applications of IT are being developed which increase our interaction with and dependence on IT-enabled devices. Therefore, understanding this technology and using it creatively is imperative to human progress.

1. Work

Information Technology has been useful in my daily life primarily for Work. Being a Software Developer, It helps me to program. IDE like Visual Studios, CodeBlocks and others like Geany, TeamCity to name a few help me to build my application and Office Tools viz. Microsoft Office/LibreOffice/OpenOffice help me to modify/manipulate my document(s) whenever required. And presentation and Drawing Software to help me to manage my ppts, create and share professional, versatile diagrams and flowcharts that simplify complex information. IRC - Internet Relay Chat helped in being in touch with fellow developers across the globe.

2. Education

Information Technology helped me in Education. Today’s educators are turning to computers to assist with education. It helps in Self Access learning where learning process can be conducted using CD, DVD or from Internet. Eg:- Online Tutions, eTest. And also for Distance Learning where the instructor was in a physically separate location but could communicate via video conferencing, emails, and bulletin boards. E-Learning and Online community portals were very useful when it came to retrieving the required and relevant information.

3. Social Networking / VOIP

Social networking has created new ways to communicate with people and share information from all around the world. A social network service creates online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others.

Orkut/Myspace/Facebook helps me to stay in touch with my friends and family who are not around me. Similarly Chat Clients like Whatsapp, GTalk help me to communicate with my people. Skype gives me the freedom to voice and video chat using VOIP...
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