It/280 Appendix H

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Appendix H


Powerful central processing units (CPUs) demand large amounts of data, and they need that data fast. Otherwise, CPU performance is hindered by the lack of data storage support; therefore, computers have been designed to supply data through tiering memory and caches, which use the hard drive in combination with random access memory (RAM) to deliver massive amounts of data to the CPU. The speed of the RAM is crucial to the performance of data delivery; you want the most RAM at the fastest speed possible so the CPU is not waiting for information.

Without your knowledge, employees in your office have installed several new software programs on their computers. Everyone is complaining that their computers are running slow. You have run some performance tests on the computers and have determined the problem is due to insufficient memory.

As with other hardware components, you must know the computer’s memory requirements. For this activity, determine what types of memory are compatible with the office computers; they are exactly like the computer featured in the Computer Hardware Simulator (CHS). Then, search the Internet for two different types of memory and provide information for each into the chart below. Make sure you install the maximum amount of memory possible and the fastest memory the CHS motherboard supports. You want the best performance for these office computers, so memory price is not an issue.

Use the CHS Reference Chart to record the current components found on the CHS computer:

CHS Reference Chart
|CHS Computer |Component Model or Specification | |Computer model and number |Dell Optiplex 755 Minitower | |Motherboard model number...
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