It 260 Final Exam Review

Topics: E-mail, Internet Message Access Protocol, Post Office Protocol Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: July 23, 2013
1. Know the acronym associated with an email client program/ 2. Know wha a fully Qualified domain name entails
3. Know the diff versions of email protocols
4. Know diff Exchange server roles and what it allows you to access -=n B 5. Know the fsmo roles and which ones must be present together 6. Know the order in which GPO’s are applied
7. Know whether or not it is a good idea to install the Exchange role on multifunction servers 8. Know the amount of ram required on an exchange server based on server roles 9. For installation of Exchange, know then diff between unattended and graphical mode 10. Know what the diff exchange administrative roles are and that you can do under B

11. Which exchange server role does not allow you to communicate directly with AD 12. Know that connectors are used for in exchange server. 13. Which user group is represented in both AD and exchange mailbox 14. Know the purpose of a mail enabled group

15. Know what auto discover and availability services are used for 16. Know why you would use public folder referrals
17. Know the diff protocols for email and what they are used for. 18. Know the TCp ports associates with pop3 and imap
19. Know the diff viruses that are spread via email and how they work, 20. Know the diff ways network based firewall can restrict traffic. 21. Know what the vss is used for.
22. Know the diff groups and what they can be used for regarding mailbox operations 23. Know the logs associated with the hub role servers and what information is stored 24. Know the parameters associated with eseutil.exe and what they are used for. 25. Know the file extension associated with mailbox databases.
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