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IT 242
August 14, 2011


The New York Blower (NYB) company manufactures blowers and industrial fans, has been in business for over 100 years, but its phone system was aging, and the current provider for the system announced they will no longer support that system (Appia, 2011). NYB has three facilities in two states, and issues cell phones to workers and managers for quicker communication on the production floor. NYB set three goals for the new phone system, not replacing the phone system every five years, control overall cost, and find a better mobile solution for the shop floor (Appia, 2011). Appia is a company that provides managed services of IP implementation (Appia, 2011). NYB contacted Appia for this solution and decided to change the existing phone system with a hosted VoIP on a dedicated T1 implementation provided by Appia with a 24/7/365 management and monitoring service (Appia, 2001). One part of the implementation is Wi-Fi access points in production areas and mobile IP phones that replaces the cellular phones and plans the company had in place which allowed communication with floor managers without having to go to a desk or office in a building. With the implementation of a dedicated IP network for VoIP NYB is now able to separate Internet browsing traffic from VoIP traffic and they also deployed a back-up system to prevent outages. NYB has integrated the three sites the company has into the VoIP network and because of this they have lowered calling cost, gained the ability to call a person at a different site with only a four digit number, and a companywide voicemail system. The addition of the companywide voicemail system allows anyone at any site to plug in their phone and receive his or her own voicemails because each phone has its own IP address, so each employee will only receive his or her own voicemails. The systems life cycle is expected at 10 years, with a reduced cost over the public switching network NYB used in the...
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