It 240 Threat Categorization

Topics: Computer worm, Computer virus, Malware Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: September 4, 2011
* Boot sector
* The first sector in a hard drive is called the boot sector and contains the Master Boot Record (MBR). The MBR contains the information concerning the location of partitions on the drive and reading of the bootable operating system partition. * A boot sector virus will corrupt the boot sector to make the computer inoperable, or it can do as little as change the name of your hard drive. * File

* A resource for storing information, which is available to a computer program, which can also sometimes make the information, stored inside readable by humans. * Multipartite
* The term means to split into components.

* This virus may contain several types of infections, which makes it almost impossible to totally remove the virus. * Macro
* A number or set of commands, which is saved in a macro file. This can be useful for completing tasks which require the same repetitive action with different inputs. * Trojan horse
* This is a program which appears to be useful, what you cannot see is that the program opens your computer to users on the internet to be used maliciously. Most of the time Trojan viruses are used to turn your computer into a bot to maliciously attack more computers on the internet or in your network by spreading the same file. * Email worms

* This virus can duplicate itself to no end. It will send itself ro everyone in your address book appearing as an email sent from your email address. * Instant messaging worms
* This worm spreads itself by sending an instant message to people in your contact list. When they receive the connection the worm establishes a connection to the remote computer to move itself on the clean remote computer. * IRC worms

* An IRC worm is rare to find today. The way this works is by infecting a computer which has an active IRC server running, then it sends a small (normally an INI file) file to other computers which are connected...
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