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It 236 Navigation Assignment.

By Inst1nct Nov 11, 2012 601 Words
CheckPoint Navigation
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The purpose of this paper is to search for and identify examples of how we would like our site navigation to work and function. I have included three different web sites that all use a similar style of navigation which is the same style I would prefer to use with my site. Since their styles are practically the same, I could agree with or use either one of their styles on my site and be satisfied with the way it functioned and the outcome.

The apple web site navigation bar, allows the user to click on the tab of interest when ever he/she desires, and go to that section of the site from which ever page they are currently on. And, it is not difficult for the user to know where they are currently browsing either, because the site shows you by changing the color of the tab you’re viewing. The site also has gorgeous images of its products without slow loading times, which allows navigation of the site at great speeds. The user can easily browse the site jumping from tab to tab.

Next on the list of choice is, the World of Warcraft site, it may not be familiar to everyone, however it is in the same category of navigation styles that I’m interested in using for my site. Similar to the apple website navigation, is a series of linear icons that allow the user to click and select an area of interest to load that page from what ever page they are currently viewing. It doesn’t matter if they are on the home page or not. This is the Web-structure that I also plan to use for my site. And, as it is definitely needed, the developers of this site have made it easy for the user to identify their current location on the navigation bar so they do not have to question their current location, or ever feel as though they cannot accomplish something on the site because they are lost.

Finally, is the Expedia web site, which is primarily used for booking flights and hotels, rental services, even cruise line vacations and more. One can easily view this web page once it’s been entered and executed in the browser’s address bar (sometimes this site naturally takes a bit longer to load). And upon arriving at the site they can, similarly to the other two sites, click on whichever tab they desire based on their traveling, vacation, or rental needs. Without complication the user is capable of viewing their current location and loading the desired web page from what ever location that may be, as it is not required to return to the home page each time the user wishes to view a new section/tab.

To my knowledge, each of these three web sites uses the Web-structure for their sites. Meaning the user doesn’t view the site and its pages in a linear manner. They are free to browse however they wish. And in my opinion, this is probably one of the most effective ways for a site to be constructed. All in all, these three web sites that I chose to display the navigation style that I’m interested in, all use the same type of style. They allow the user to comfortably jump to which ever section of the web site that they desire, without any required starting points, and at the same time they keep the user informed of which page they are currently viewing.

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