It 205 Week 6 Check Point

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Contribution Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems
Danielle Worrell


What are enterprise systems?
Provide examples of organizational functions supported by enterprise systems.

How does effectively implementing and using enterprise systems contribute to achieving operational excellence?

What challenges are posed by enterprise applications?

An enterprise system is considered a system of integrated application-software that uses data storage and transmissions to carry information flow, reporting, and analytics within the company as well as outside the company to colleagues and clients.

An enterprise system manages the movement of data important to those within the company and those outside the company who have a part of or interest to certain information. Enterprise system is put out to allow the sharing of information.

Implementing enterprise systems can help to attain operational excellence. When an employee enters information into an enterprise system, it means much less time goes into sharing that information through others. It is time consuming to print out and distribute statistics on all products.

Enterprise system will also help to keep track of important numbers, company revenue, sales, and order information, all of which can be quickly accessed by employees who need the information through any department within the company.

A challenge posed by enterprise applications begin with the cost. Enterprise systems and their applications (software) do not come cheap, and it takes time to build them. Data overflow and a subsequent slowdown in one department will certainly have a ripple effect in other functions of an organization.


Ch. 8 of Essentials of Management Information Systems

References: Ch. 8 of Essentials of Management Information Systems
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