It 205 Hardware Replacement Project

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Hardware Replacement Project
Kathy Henson (Darschewski)
Axia College of University of Phoenix Instructor: Victor Lugo

Hardware Replacement Project
The corporate offices want to change over to a new customer relationship management solution. The corporate offices are currently setup with hardware that is [Clearer writing suggestion--Remove "that is"] out of date and does not support the new customer relationship management application. Here are five major variables of the project management that relate to the Hardware Replacement Project include: scope, time, cost, quality and [Check punctuation--insert a comma before this word if this is the last in a list of more than two--or if it begins a new clause] risk. There will be ["There will be" is an awkward phrase if "there" is not clearly a location] information on how these variables relate to the hardware replacement project. There are [Avoid "there is," etc.] considerations that need to be used when selecting the projects that will give the best value for the corporate offices and will be addressed. There will be [Avoid "there is," etc.] information on the factors that might [Check word usage: Use "might" to indicate an uncertain possibility. Use "may" for a possibility almost a sure thing] cause the project risk and the strategies that will be recommending for minimizing the project’s risks. The conclusion will identify the best practices for management of the hardware replacement project. Project Management

“Project management activities include planning the work, assessing risk, estimating resources required to accomplish the work, organizing the work, acquiring human and material resources, assigning tasks, directing activities, controlling project execution, reporting progress, and analyzing the results” Laudon and Laudon (2009). The project management has five major variables that relate to the Hardware Replacement Project, which include scope, time, cost, quality, and risk.

The hardware replacement project, the scope might [Check word usage: Use "might" to indicate an uncertain possibility. Use "may" for a possibility almost a sure thing] include new computers and networking equipment to help the implement process as well as support the new customer relationship management application. The project management assigns the work that is [Clearer writing suggestion--Remove "that is"] required [The passive voice is a form of "be" (is) and a participle (required). Over-use of the passive voice can make paragraphs officious and tedious to read. Try to use the active voice most often, e.g., the student completed the paper on time. The passive voice version--The paper was completed on time by the student--See eCampus > Center for Writing Excellence > Tutorials & Guides > Grammar & Writing Guides > Active & passive voice] for success on this hardware replacement project as well as make sure that the scope of the project does not get [Doctoral rule (although good advice for any academic writer)--"get" is informal English and can mean many things; in academic writing, use forms of "arrive at," "can," "could," "grows," "is able to," etc.] bigger than what the initial cost of the project. Time

Time [Typographical error: eliminate duplicate word (if on the same line)] is part of the project management duty. The project management will establish the amount of time required to finish the project. The workloads of the project are additionally broken down into activities and tasks. For the hardware replacement project the project management would need to create a schedule for completion of the work. Cost

Cost [Typographical error: eliminate duplicate word (if on the same line)] is usually figured [Passive voice] by the time it takes to complete a project and the daily cost of labor and human resources. The information systems costs are also include with the hardware, software,...

References: Laudon, Kenneth C., & Laudon, Jane P. (2009 by Pearson Education, Inc.). Essentials of Management Information Systems (8th ed).,: Prentice Hall.
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