Issues with in Policing

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Issues with in American police.

When I first began researching the topic of these issues with in our police force, it really got my mind pondering different things. How do we survive in a world where there is so many issues taking place day after day? Many Americans believe out police system is completely corrupt. The top police based issues concerning Americans today are such things as Police organization and management of police, Socialization into the policing culture, styles of policing, police use of technology, use of force, and police dangers and stress. Each of these seem to be concerning Americans; Why you may ask? The first issue at hand is police organization and management. “History has shown, time and time again, the disastrous consequences of bad police management.  Police managers include any sworn rank above that of sergeant.  This isn't just an issue of who gets promoted or the unique stressors at each rank - It's more a problem with the shape of the organizational pyramid - always a hierarchy with the chief at the top and rigid chains of command flowing to the bottom.  The pyramid needs to be inverted, with the community at top, followed by line officers, then managers.  Police organizations are tall, closed, hierarchical, paramilitary bureaucracies, and this combination represents the worst of management science.” (Stevens, police issues)

Not only do I some what agree with Mark Stevens, I completely agree with him. I believe more citizens should be intertwined in some way to the criminal justice system. Americans should always remember that a police officer of the law is taking orders from his superiors. If there is a certain crime going on that police are not involved in, it’s typically because the officer’s superior has drawn the officers’ attention elsewhere. Our police management system is based off of a delegation of authority system. One power is supposed to pass on power to a few others, who pass on powers to a few others, etc; Like a very large pyramid. Delegations usually only work efficiently in smaller based departments, maybe this is why our police management is not under control?

Styles of policing are the way in which a department and officer view their duty. Most departments have one basic style out of three common styles that we typically see.

“The three styles are: (1) watchman; (2) legalistic; and (3) service.  Briefly, a watchman style is generally found in poorer communities and emphasizes informal police intervention - persuasion, threats, roughing up - rather than arrest because the priority is maintaining order.  A legalistic style is a commitment to enforcing the letter of the law and frequent use of arrests in a focus on community safety, but takes a hands-off approach to community problems that are not crimes.  A service style is bent on helping the community by working hand in hand with social service agencies, and by using referrals rather than arrest.”(Edmond, police statistics)

Now, if we do not have knowledgeable people running the departments in specific places, America will fail. We cannot have unaware and man with no common sense running police forces. It would be a complete fail if we were to have a police chief imply that we need a watchman style police tactic in an area that really only requires a service style police tactic. When the officers of an area are using the wrong tactics, this is where Policing begins to fall apart. If we do not put our officers through careful analysis and make sure that they are the correct people for the job, how will police keep the peace and do their own job correctly?

Socialization into the policing culture is also a concern in America. Police are expected to complete their training and jump right into his uniform to “serve and protect.” It starts before that though, have you ever asked yourself, “How in the world did this gentlemen become a...

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