Issues surrounding Seizures Disorders

Topics: Epilepsy, Anticonvulsant, Seizure Pages: 6 (1312 words) Published: June 1, 2014

Issues Surrounding Seizures Disorders
Grand Canyon University: SPE 573
May 28, 2014
Today children are diagnosed with disorders that impact their learning. Many schools are faced with challenges daily with students that have disabilities or disorders that impact their learning. However, as educators, hard work helps to conquer any barriers that are put before us. Even though strategies are applied, some things cannot be abolished. Our schools have to do their best to curtail any problems to help the student learn especially those students that have seizures. Children with epilepsy can be average learners that present very well in their academics and in social settings if the seizure is a mild version and has no confirmation of the brain being abnormal other than the inclination to seizure. On the other hand there are students that have severe seizures, non-ambulatory and uses a wheel chair. They tend to have lesser social- emotional and learning issues. In order for the teacher to work thoroughly with the student, the teacher has to know the student goals they have to meet, know all the specifics of the disorder, complications as a result of the disorder, financial effects, and assistance with the school system, treatment options, and rehabilitation. In working with a student that has a seizure disorder, I would design goals that are attainable for the student to learn. Most students with epilepsy experience cognitive injury that affects their memory, attention, language and other capabilities that is significant to their development. In a situation with a student that have seizures, and requires assistance with feeding and changing, the goals would have to be Transitional Education Goals for IEP. Such as, the student will complete the steps to obtain a GAA diploma. Daily living goals would be for the student to wash the face one time daily with a wash cloth, and develop basic drinking skills with assistance. Seizures are a type of disorder that can be mild or severe. Seizures can be noticeable, concerning a motor reaction or other difficult behaviors. They can also be very small and unnoticeable, with learning and attention being interrupted. The serious seizures are the Grandma seizures. There are also seizures that happen only in the night which causes the student to be tired and sleepy in class. However, there are recurrent seizures that happen in the younger child that can hinder the achievement of initial information because of the attendance. Half of the students that have encountered this disorder will experience problems with their learning that range from mild complicatedness severe to with the disorder experience learning problems, ranging from mild difficulties to severe abnormality. The complications as a result of having a seizure would be at a particular time can run into situations that could be unsafe to yourself and others. Falling while having a seizure could cause a head or bone injury, having epilepsy, gives an individual more frequent times of drowning while swimming or taking a bath because a seizure can happen while in the water 15 to 19 times, a seizure can happen while driving, causing loss of control or awareness in operating any equipment, being pregnant can be a danger to the baby and the mother and the medications taken can cause birth deficiency, students with emotional health problems that have epilepsy will most likely encounter psychological issues, anxiety, depression and suicide intentions, these troubles occur as a consequence from having the disorder itself and the side effects of the medication itself, and lastly, individuals with seizures sometimes have an tiny chance of unexpected and unexplainable death. The department of Special Education has given students with disabilities a better opportunity at public education. Before 1970, no law sheltered the constitutional or civil rights of Americans with a disability. Children being educated is an important factor,...
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