Issues Regarding the Noynoy Aquino Administration

Topics: Corazon Aquino, Noynoy Aquino, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Pages: 10 (3624 words) Published: September 15, 2011
There are a lot of issues faced by our dear President Benigno Aquino III or simply known as PNoy.

1.Qualification on the Position

First, let's admit the fact that he wasn't voted into office because of actual qualifications. He was a lackluster lawmaker in congress and didn't exactly make impressions in terms of his career. He coasted along until his mother died. Suddenly everybody thought it would be a good idea to vote him into office as president. It was what is expected of the son of the late Benigno and Cory Aquino, both great former presidents of the Philippines. He lacks charisma or even basic public speaking abilities. The media has a lot of bad comments especially when he speaks with the press. He commits a lot of stupid pronouncements and sometimes what he says is beyond comprehension. He should get himself a media coach to train him in handling himself around the press and the whole country.

2.Hacienda Luisita

With the ascent of President Benigno Aquino III to the presidency, the future of Hacienda Luisita has become a focus of attention. This issue was supposed to be settled decades ago. But the Hacienda Luisita management failed to do their part on the agreement. Even though the agreement to settle the decades-old clash is included on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), the present machinations of the management is seen as deceptive as they only opt to give more than 1,000 hectares of land plus cash instead of distributing to farmers the more than 4,000 hectares already designated by the Department of Agrarian Reform for distribution to farmer-beneficiaries.

There’s a report on Noynoy Aquino saying he’s got less than one percent share of the hacienda. Then, in another story, he was quoted as saying they could have gotten at least P3 billion if the 4,500-hectare land were sold at P4.5 billion. In one story, Noynoy was quoted as saying that they would give up the land; he was backed by three of his sisters who said the same. And then, there is Noynoy’s reaction to a New York Times story telling us that his cousin, Fernando Cojuangco, chief operating officer of the holding company for the hacienda, was misquoted when he said that “the extended Cojuangco family, owners of the plantation since 1958, had no intention of giving up the land or the sugar business.” So what’s the real score?

There are half-truths and half-lies. The facts are: the acquisition of Hacienda Luisita in August 1957 was through a P5.9-million loan from the Government Service Insurance System, along with a loan of $2.1 million from Manufacturer’s Trust Company of New York and Chase Manhattan Bank in the United States. The GSIS loan was explicitly tied to the condition and a clear directive that the lands be distributed to the agricultural workers.

3.Executive Order 1, The Truth Commission
President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III signed Executive Order 1, creating the Truth Commission tasked to look into graft and corruption allegations that hounded the past administration. Aquino said the executive order was in line with his promise to form the Truth Commission in the first 100 days of his administration. He said that former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr. will head the commission that has been tasked to investigate and seek the truth about corruption allegations that were committed over the last nine years by government officials and their accomplices in the private sector. A week after, the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional President Noynoy Aquino’s Executive Order No. 1, which creates the Truth Commission to look into corruption allegations against the previous administration, among them the NBN deal with ZTE, the 2004 poll fraud, and the fertilizer fund scam. The Court struck down EO 1 saying the order violated the equal protection clause by singling out the administration of former president Gloria Arroyo. Many were shocked,...
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