Issues on Returning to School

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Academic degree Pages: 1 (376 words) Published: November 14, 2005
Issues Related to Returning to School
What stimulated my interest in returning to school? One of my goals in life was to get my four year college degree. After I graduated with my AA degree, I concluded that "the learning bug has bitten me"! I wanted to continue my education and decided to continue by enrolling to the University of Phoenix Online. Results and Hopes

I hope by returning to school, that a lot of opportunities in my career will open up for me in future jobs and in my personal life. By returning to school, I will learn more and experience new courses that I would never have thought of taking in my lifetime. I will learn more interpersonal skills, learning from students, faculty and from the university personnel. The writing center, the library, along with the e-source materials will be very useful in my studies. Obstacles

Setting up my time schedule and planning for interruptions will be one of the obstacles. I sometimes get too involved in my homework and forget to eat or don't have enough time for my housework. I need to plan for illness by eating healthy, try to exercise and get enough sleep. By making a commitment to turn my assignments on time, I will help alleviate any procrastination not to finish them on time. Conclusion

The more education I try to achieve, the more income I can earn. My goal of returning to school has been a life time goal. Being one of the adult extended learners who will continue to learn for the rest of my life and being a role model for my children, led my daughter, Kimberly, to decide to go for a career in nursing. My oldest son, Richard, was in the Air Force and has one class left to receive his AA in Engineering. Richard asked me if I was going to try for a Masters degree after I get my bachelors degree from University of Phoenix. My reply, "You never know. I never imagined I could achieve my goal of going back to college after thirty years, let alone trying for my bachelor's degree; but look at...
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