Issues of Adversity

Topics: The Color Purple, Melina Marchetta, Woman Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Issues of Adversity

“That which cannot kill me can only make me stronger”. With Reference to the quote, the colour purple (3 characters) and 3 other sources of supplementary text, write an essay.

Adversity is unfortunately, an aspect of life which can hardly be avoided. Some people experience different types of adversity, whether it is physical, emotional or psychological, in any case, people experience adversity on different levels and to various extents. Although some experiences are harsher and harder to cope with than others, it is in human nature to learn from not only mistakes but from our life experiences, therefore “that which cannot kill me, only makes me stronger” is a significant aphorism which enforces that people have the immunity and ability which allows them to move on.

Overcoming adversity and the nature and effects of adversity, are explored in the novel The Colour Purple by Alice Walker. The true story tells us of the young woman, Celie, and her hardships. From a young age she was repeatedly abused by her step-father and was then forced into an abusive marriage, jumping out of the fry pan and into the hotplate. Celie is isolated from her sister Nettie and her 2 children; her only support networks and writes to God as a way of overcoming her harsh conditions, until Shug Avery enters her life. Shug, an outspoken and free woman inspires Celie to rise above her adversities and gain a sense of dignity. In doing so, Celie finally stands up to her aggressive husband, escapes her marriage and reunites with Nettie and her children. In overcoming her adversities Celia put the stimulus quote into context and continued to move on with her life.

Sophia, another character from The Colour Purple, also puts the quote into practice when she copes with adversities of her own. Sophia being a loud and determined woman back in the days where the deep south of U.S.A was intolerant and discriminative towards African Americans, Sophia was separated from her...
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