Issues in Sports

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Issue in Sport: The Ethical and Legal
Sport is a big phenomenon of today, it is a very important part of today life. However, sport has it contradictory phenomenon. It is connected to big humanistic values and it formats life and billions of people on the one side. It is also connected with dirty business, to name one, corruption. Corruption is sport should be matter of concern. This is a high issue and a challenge if it is not deal properly. To prevent and eliminating corruption, it is important to know the scope of corruption areas where it occurs. It is important to know where corruption is always performed. In Malaysia, one can say the popular one is in football. Football is one of national sport in Malaysia even though the team never reaches Olympic yet, but still, it has a lot of fans that passion and addicted to this sport.

In foreign countries, such as United States and Europe, athletes are idols and superheroes to the sports fan. Besides becoming superheroes, the athletes are also millionaires and some are billionaires. Fans attend or watch games because they love the team. If one player is a star or key player on a sports team, they might get paid more than other players. If one player helps the team to victory which causes the team to sell more tickets, then the player earns higher salary then some of the others. So, this is how some athletes get paid so much in other countries. The examples are Tiger Wood who gets paid $127 million a year and also football star David Beckham gets paid $42.8 million a year. Here in Malaysia, the professional athletes’ salaries are a lot less than that. It may be equaled or less than the earning of other professional job such as lawyers and engineer. The recession happens nowadays, the commitments and late payment of the football club may be the factors of this scenery according to NSC director, Mr Zulkeples (2008). Rewinding what happen back in 1990’s and 2008, is the low salary of the athletes lead to corruption, or they just greed? The late payment might be the caused back in 2008, but the incidents happen again in 2011 and 2012 are because of the same reason? Let’s define what corruption is.

Corruption is defined as ‘requesting, offering, giving or accepting or indirectly, a bribe or any other undue advantage or prospect thereof, which distorts the proper performance of any duty or behavior required of the recipient of the bribe, the undue advantage or the prospect thereof’, ( Bures, 2008). In its simplest form, corruption has been defined as ‘dishonest and illegal behaviour’(Shaun & Milton, 2010). Similarly, Treisman defines it as the “misuse of public office for private gain”.

This definition covers what happen to sport corruption in Malaysia. In 1994-1995 affairs, 100 of football players were banished to remote districts followed by life bans. Even this can be used as lesson to the football players, the same incident happen again in 2008 where match-fixing begun again. To eliminate the problem, the FAM worked with Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA). It seems like the cooperation did not worked well when the nightmare happened again in 2011. Negeri Sembilan FC’s coach Yusarman Yusof has been given a lifetime ban and 18 players have been give suspensions of two and five years by FAM. The punishment is not enough to teach other not to take bribe and involved in match-fixing. As been warned by the FAM deputy President, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, let it be lesson to all players, coaches and officials involved in FAM-sanctioned tournament. But in the next year, today in 2012, again the country shocked by another incident in match fixing which led 18 players banned by FAM. A coach was also those suspended. Johor and Perlis FC were involved.

Match fixing can be defined as involving players taking money from bookmakers and comprising to under-perform to help the opposing team to win, to enable the bookmakers to win large sums of money on betting of the results of...

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