Issues and Trends at Nursing Education

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There is a study in South Korea which investigates the magnitude and predictors of academic cheating among South Korean nursing students. The study even concluded that an alarming level of cheating problem was found among South Korean nursing students, requiring immediate attention This only proves that cheating is not only a trend here in the Philippines but all over the world. This cheating issue in nursing education should be managed under collaborative efforts of nursing faculty members around the globe. This is a sample trend that may become an issue, if problem exist. Use of web (internet) in learning

A total of 221 in-service nurses from hospitals in Taiwan were surveyed using Web-based Continuing Learning Survey (AWCL), this is to know the nurses' attitudes toward web-based continuing learning. Nowadays, use of the web as a method of learning is very common among schools and universities, like us in FEU; we have what we called E-Learning. It is wherein we have to watch and answer some questions via web in a certain period of time; it was even included in our curriculum. Within that E-Learning we are watching discussions and how to do a certain procedure via the internet. Continuing Education

A study was conducted at Ontario, Canada that sought to determine the continuing education needs of primary health care nurse practitioners across Ontario. 83% of the nurse practitioners that was being surveyed indicated that continuing education was extremely important to them. They also identified barriers to engaging in continuing education offerings that includes the ff: time intensity of the courses, difficulty taking time off work, family obligations, finances and fatigue. The most common reason for withdrawal from a continuing education offering was the difficulty of balancing work and study demands. Continuing education opportunities are important to Ontario primary health care nurse practitioners. The rise of digital curriculum and reading

The rise of digital reading is certainly a reality in the consumer space, but textbook providers are just starting to build out next-generation content experiences. I think we’ll finally start to see the transition and some schools like this one in Turkey as early adopters. While many schools will use the opportunity to save money on traditional textbooks to fund devices, schools have to think about this holistically and not just buy a device to replace a textbook. Digitizing textbooks in and of itself is not transformative, but by focusing on the entire learning continuum and how digital curriculum and content created by students and teachers can be connected to back-end systems that can link the student outcomes to assessments, personalized learning and increased student achievement. These textbooks and new content will be able to be consumed by students on a variety of devices, from Windows 7 notebooks to tablets and slates, Windows Phone, Xbox, Kinect and Office 365, reflecting the diversity and personalization required as part of the learning experience.

Bring your own devices (BYODs)
In education, this problem exists not only among employees within the organizations, but students as well. What kind of sensitive data is leaving with employees when they walk out the door with their smartphones? If a student’s laptop or smartphone becomes infected with malware after accessing a link via Facebook, is the educational organization immune from that malware when the student logs back into the organization’s network? “More than half of those responding to the survey indicated they had no policy in place to protect themselves against new mobile devices being introduced to their networks,” says Clark. Brain Train

Developments in neuroscience and cognitive psychology are powering new ways of thinking about the brain and the perceptions and emotions that contribute to...
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