Issues and Traditions of Western Religions

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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


February 14, 2011
William F. Stapleton

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Every person has his or her own set of beliefs and traditions in which they have been raised by or simply believe in. Whether it is Judaism, Christianity, or Muslim, all individuals have the freedom to practice and express what they believe in. Gaining knowledge of other religions can provide a better understanding of current issues that concerns them as well as their beliefs and characteristics, and most important specific traditions that define each religion. No matter if it is Judaism, Christianity or Muslim, taking a closer look at their beliefs can help understand their faith and culture. Concerning Issues

Religions are not perfect and worry free. They all have issues that are of great concern to them. For as long as one can remember, Jews always have been in conflict with the Palestinians. Although this has been happening for a long time, it is an ongoing issue that today concerns Jews. The war between them drags along since the 1800s. The fight for the promise land is a never-ending concern. Even today, Palestinians and Jews continue to fight for the promise land. Palestinians will fight until they destroy Israel and there for makes it an issue of great concern for all Jews. The hopes can only be that an agreement suitable for both takes place. Christians Current Conflicts

One of the biggest issues concerning Christians today is homosexuality. Society’s acceptance toward homosexuality has rapidly changed from what it was perhaps several years ago. Because of scriptures in the Holly Bible, Christians have no tolerance for homosexuality and they consider it a sin and an act of the devil. It is common in today’s society to see two persons of the same sex walking holding hands and perhaps even kissing in public. Years ago, this was not seen as normal and was not accepted by any means from anyone. Now many same sex couples are fighting for the right to marriage. This brings a great concern to Christianity because it goes against everything they believe in. Christians fight on a daily basis to prevent all laws that may allow same sex couples any rights. Although Christians fight for the refusal of same sex marriage, they are also highly concern with abortion. Abortion as one knows is legal in the United States, making it a more difficult concern for Christians, who believe that God is the only one that has the right to give and take life. Abortion is a sin and murder for Christians and is not accepted. Christians believe that no matter the reason or the circumstances, no person has the right to play the role of God. Many Christians fight against abortion by protesting outside clinics that provide such procedures. They believe that all lives need to be saved. Islamic Issues

After the attack of nine eleven, Muslims greatest concerns became terrorism. The Quran’s theme promotes forgiveness and peace. Muslims are characterized to be peaceful, hardworking, and honest and they believe that in the fight against terrorism it is important to understand who and what is the enemy. Preventing terrorism comes from understanding the cause and motivation of the person who lashes out in violence. True Islam’s defend themselves against those who portray them to seem otherwise. Muslims believe Allah is for peace and that is what they struggle daily to prove. Another issue that concerns Islam is more of a concern for Islamic woman. For years, now woman have always been in the shadow of men. Today women want to be treated as equals and want the opportunity to study gender issues from a Muslims women perspective (Abou-Bakr, 2011). Women want to be able to study and be in the same position, as men are when it comes to the teaching and understanding of the Quran. They want to be able to give there perspectives and be taken in consideration. Characteristics


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