Issues and Problems in the Philippine Educational System: A Challenge Towards the Attainment of Quality Education

Topics: Education, School, High school Pages: 6 (1978 words) Published: November 12, 2010
Issues and Problems in the Philippine Educational System: A Challenge Towards the Attainment of Quality Education

Our country has gone through many changes and development for the past few years. The continuous process made great impacts in the lives of millions of Filipinos. Relatively, the changes have given us advantages not to mention the disadvantages it brought causing downfall to many people. There are numerous questions concerning the issues and problems existing in the Philippine Educational System as to how we can resolve it the best way we could to attain that kind of quality of education we have been searching and longing for. Where do we begin and how do we respond to such? Public schools are the building blocks of our societies. They can be considered our foundational instruments. Although these venues of learning play significant roles, they are unable to provide the best they can, due to their numerous flaws. As I’ve gone through different readings and researches, questions were arising in my mind as to what solutions are applicable in addressing the problems about the quality of education, affordability, budget, mismatch, integration of sex education in the curriculum, R.A. 9710 (Magna Carta for Women) and other concerns which are somehow related to it. I will always stand for what I believe in according to my observations that we have good guidelines and policies on education but what is lacking is the ability to implement such in accordance to the needs of every school, majority of which belong to the public education system. Generally, Philippine Education aims to provide quality and free education both for the elementary and secondary public schools but again this have not been observed and understood well causing it to be a burden most especially to the students and parents. Declining standards in public schools is one of the most controversial education issues today is the continuing decline in student learning standards. This concern dwells more on the noticeable decline observed among elementary and secondary schools along with their performances in the given standardized examinations which relatively explain underperformance results most especially in the core subjects. The problem on the affordability of education is also one of the detrimental factors in the existence of problems. Eventually, this explains that a student who has a more stable economic life have better opportunities to afford education in their choice of school and those who are economically unstable are deprived though they still have other means to support themselves. According to the government, information reveals that our constitution mandates the highest budget allocation to sustain the aim of the Department of Education. In the recent years, fund sources show billions of pesos in its allotment but questions still remain as to the purpose it is spend since at the end of the school year we have seen discrepancies or should I say deficit. Also, we have an issue pertaining to mismatch associated with the training and the actual jobs a person gets into after his or her tertiary. In most cases, this persistent and alarming problem leads to the increase of underemployed and unemployed Filipinos. Furthermore, this also worsens the poverty level in our country affecting us in many ways. Another prevailing issue is the integration of sex education in the elementary and secondary schools. This has generated controversies along with issues among religious sectors and parents yet Dep Ed is determine to push through with it due to the frightening reports on early or young pregnancy. To explain the aim of this program, Dep Ed ensures the public that “Sex Education is not about Sex” but on the science of reproduction, physical care and hygiene, correct values and the norms of interpersonal relations to avoid pre-marital sex and teen age pregnancy. This also emphasizes on the roles of teachers to educate our young...
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