Issues and Challenges Faced by Working Mothers

Topics: Childcare, Day care, Babysitting Pages: 4 (1356 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Issues and challenges faced by working mothers

The Hindus believe that the utmost respect must be paid to the mother; only then even to the God. The Chinese says that a mother understands what a child does not even have to say. The Muslims believe that the heaven lies on the sole of a mother. Regardless of which religious background a person is from, a mother is deeply regarded as the most pure human being on earth. A famous philosopher, Pearl S. Buck had once quoted that “Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but the love is just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together”. Generally, our society has taught us so much to love, respect and care for our mother who has endlessly nurtured and brought us up since we were born to this world. A mother is truly irreplaceable.

Nevertheless, the world is changing and people are evolving into a new era of globalization. This is a world where people are no longer able to survive if they do not possess the necessary set of knowledge and skills. This is the era whereby information is the most valuable asset and without it; we are just nothing but a waste to the society. If those days, men are supposed to go to work and find income while the women can stay at home and take care of the children, this scenario is no longer feasible. In this generation, both men and women are required to go to work to make sure that their day meets the end. Why is this necessary? Simple; only then, they can assure that their children could have a proper education and health insurance. Basically, this situation has just added up a mother’s challenges in facing the world. This particular review paper will discuss comprehensively about the issues and challenges faced by working mothers. Let’s begin by defining the phrases so that we can better understand the given topic. “The issues and challenges” is defined as difficulties and problems. On the other hand, “faced by working mothers” means what are the working mothers...
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