Issues Affecting Life in Late Adulthood

Topics: Personal life, Human body, Death Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: October 15, 2006
Reaching the stage of late adulthood is a stage in life that individuals hope to be able to reach. Life starts from the first moment of conception and goes on until we all reach our destination stage of death. Individuals all deal with life in many different ways. An adult that has gone through life completing most of all tasks that he/she wanted to complete can go into the stage of late adulthood generally happy.

When individuals reach late adulthood many of them are able to retire and live life happy having more time for family, friends, and all loved ones. In some cases certain individuals do not wish to retire, he/she believes that they can continue to work and keep active in the workforce which is absolutely fine. In other cases some individuals who are reaching the higher ages do not have a choice rather or not if they want to retire. The biological clock for some does not allow their mind, body or soul to continue to work and continue their lives as they once did.

The biological clock of human bodies is one thing that we as humans may be able to slow down by taking good care of our selves and staying as healthy as we can but the clock still ticks and moves forward eventually. As the body begins to age, many parts begin to be affected. The nervous system of the body begins to affect our complex thoughts and activities. Individual's memory is less than it used to be, each person is affected in different ways and it normally starts around the age of 60 and over. The sensory system is another part of the body that begins to be affected. Individuals hearing and seeing can become less as they reach the older ages, even taste and smell can change for some individuals. One of the main parts of the human body that begin to change as we age is the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. These systems actually begin to change as we reach young to middle adulthood and how well we take care of them will help determine how much they really change in late...
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