Issue 2 Non Gender Sensitive LGBT Portrayal Reaction Paper

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Transgender Pages: 4 (1064 words) Published: March 26, 2015
Since the inclusion of the television to our homes, the visual media has now become very powerful in the image building process of the media audience. It has now become a part in creating meaning, or images, and associating it to the audience’s reality through the characterization of gay men in films, series and news. KENT: IN ADDITION..

Media, by nature, is an amplifying instrument that even if a single side of the story is highlighted, it creates this illusion that this particular aspect reflects the entirety of the scene. It frames a certain part that contributes to perception of the media audience. This imbalance is reflected to the media content. What is more controversial, what is more sellable to the audience is what often goes on air. Never was news taken from a neutral view. The more it encourages a debate to the public, the better it is. And according to Steele (1997), this is an effective tactic in faking a “holistic and fair” view while effectively marginalize a “minority idea”. EDWIN: WHY DO YOU THINK IS MEDIA’S REASON BEHIND THIS?

Admit it or not, media has been commercialized so much to the extent that it focuses on profit over awareness. A film can be expensive enough to prioritize the profit to compensate its expenses in finishing the film and much more is needed by the television to sustain a long-term production and broadcast cost. EDWIN:

With the rise of fight for LGBT rights across the globe, the media is in fact one of front-liners in raising awareness towards. And it is inevitable that this campaign is played-up as another platform for profit making. Media promotes the LGBT community in a framed view. KENT:

We can see these in a lot of LGBT themed scenes, from television series, mainstream and independent films. Media has become like a cookie cutter in the television scene, “cutting” the perception of LGBTs into a simpler and incomplete version to the audience. There are different themes of gay characters...
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