Israel Palestine Conflict

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Israel-Palestine Conflict

Two films, Izkor and 5 Broken Cameras, explain the ideologies, policies, and practices in the OPT and Israel. These films show how these ideologies are perpetuating the Israel-Palestine Conflict and suggest ways to end the occupation and problem. Izkor looks in depth at the Israel education system and society and 5 Broken Cameras looks at the nonviolent resistance movement in the OPT. Both films suggest that this conflict will be never-ending if something does not change soon. This is because the films show what children learn from the conflict, and how it will continue on both sides because of what is seen and taught by and to children in Israel and the OPT. Izkor teaches that ideologies in Israel need to change because children are taught that the violence is justifiable. 5 Broken Cameras teaches that nonviolent protests and filming are productive ways to help end the occupation. These films together show that it is extremely necessary for conditions to change because if they do not then the conflict will be carried on and intensified by future generations.

Izkor, Slaves of Memory looks into the Israeli society. For a month out of the school year children in Israeli schools are taught to remember their history. Children of all ages are taught about Passover, the Shoa, and Independence Day. They are taught that horrible things have happened to their people. Through this education all children learn the importance of the Israeli state, army, and a nationalist identity to prevent atrocities from happening to them again. The filmmaker suggests that educators in Israel focus too much on the Holocaust. At one point the interviewer asks a teacher if Israelis are “slaves to memory” (Izkor, Part 7, 9:20) because of the education system. The teacher vehemently opposes that statement but the footage speaks for itself. The children who are interviewed seem programmed to answer in certain ways, even though one student argues “It’s not...
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