Israel Palestine conflict

Topics: Israel, Israel Defense Forces, Second Intifada Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Israel-Palestine conflict was simple to solve at first but international powers (USA, Britain, Germany and France) have made it complex due to their interests in middle-east. Israel is now not in a mood to solve it or talk about another state due to continuous illegal backing by US. Israel war crimes are countless and increasing day by day. America is keeping Israel for its interest but now Jewish lobby has become so strong in US, Israel has become unlimited liability on America. According to different Israeli representatives (like Ariel Sharon) they claim Israel controls America. Every congress person has to show allegiance towards Israel otherwise he will not win elections next time. Israel gets 3 billion dollars aid per year from US mostly uses for military purposes. Today most of Israelis don’t talk about two state formula and they consider Israel it only one state and in their opinion Palestinians should be pushed out to Jordan or in river Nile .Orthodox Jews and their extremist beliefs have gone so far they consider Israel only for Jews not for non-Jews. Palestinians have been facing Israel brutality for many years but Israel is busy in ethnic cleansing of Palestinians or by displacing them by building illegal settlements over Palestinians houses. Israel is violating human rights in Gaza by besieging and blocking food water and medical supplies. Israel is violating UN resolutions and not ready to negotiate with Palestinians. Israelis give arguments and justify their attacks as they are under attacked by terrorists of Hamas or other militant groups. But fact is Israel is the one who always break peace treaty and accords. Israel new form of terrorism is in form of settlement and settler’s attacks on Palestinians villages and by burning their farms. Settlers are armed by government and they have given them license to kill. Human right organization accusing Israel for Apartheid state by segregating rights for Jewish and for non -Jewish people and especially...
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