Isolation In Othello

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There can be multiple causes for tragedy in stories or plays. One that stands out happens to be the dangers of isolation. In the tragedy known as Othello, this theme causes great conflict leading to the story or play ending tragically with many deaths. Not only does isolation allow Iago to go through with his evil plan, but it also makes Othello question his wife and grow hatred for Cassio. Othello is heavily busy with military duties giving Iago a big opening to talk to people behind his back in order to start his plan, “ I hate the Moor. My cause is hearted; thine hath no less reason.” (1.3.408-410). Iago tells Roderigo that hes is against the Moor and that he will help Roderigo get with Desdemona. This gives Iago the ability to use Roderigo as one of his “pawns” in his plan for revenge. All due to the dangers of isolation, Othello now has two of his own men whom he trusts working against him without him knowing. Iago then works on the second part of his master plan which is again possible to the dangers of isolation. Iago tries to get Cassio drunk behind Othello’s back just to frame it all on Cassio in the end who will have forgotten how he made the decision to get drunk in the first place. “ Come Lieutenant, I have a stoop of wine.” (2.3.30-31), is what Iago said to Cassio to convince …show more content…
Othello was not only isolated from his wife, but also his men which include Cassio, Iago, and Roderigo. This gave Iago the ability to used them as pawns for his plan for revenge on Othello. Iago worked his “magic” by keeping them away from each other or in other words, isolating them. He did this to gain their trust individually and used that trust to get them to do what he wanted without them suspecting a thing. However things got out of hand and caused the tragic ending that was built up throughout the entirety of the

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