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Naja Amaya
GS110 General Psychology
F13 6WKA
How has this course benefited me in my career?
This course provided insight into how people act and react to a variety of stimuli because criminals are people to. Hopefully with further study I will gain a better understanding of why people do the things they do. ________________________________________

What specific skills have I learned in this class?
I have learned how to somewhat deal with others as far as the vast array of varying opinions as well as the fact that no matter how hard I try others will not always do the same. ________________________________________

Instructor Comments regarding my performance:
I'm glad you decided to stay and finish your education. You made a great decision! Great topics to choose from for your Course Project! Either one would make for an interesting paper. Great job Naja! Terrific outline and references, Naja Excellent work Naja! Great job, Naja! This is very well written ________________________________________

Course Paper/Project:

Homo sapiens are communal, interpersonal creatures we need each other but from time to time it’s better to ride solo. A number of people yearn for their lone time, but more frequently than we may like to acknowledge, we get lonesome. This is a complex universal emotional state of mind unique to each individual but to me loneliness is a state of solitude when it is needed. Initially be alone has calming effects but prolong isolation can lead to an array of negative health effects. There are many different views on the subject as well as types of or degrees of isolation. It can be subjective, calming, a form of torture, objective, emotional or social. And as the proverb said, “An idol mind is the devil’s workshop” truer words have never been spoken as the negative side of this type of situation will show. (Bohn, 1855) First off I’d like to offer my definition of what I think isolation is. It is the lack of contact with others whether with intent or inadvertently. The definition offered by free states that it means being separated from others. (Farlex, 2013) So I am pretty much on point with my version of it. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes getting in ones’ own “zone” or “bubble” away from all the cares of the world is great and much needed at times. Personally I myself find solitude when I’ve finished my work and put the kids to bed and sit in the living room and listen to music. Solitude is helpful in today’s atmosphere where life is chockfull of tension and anxiety, relishing in solitude can help us to overpower a number of our evils without really trying anything else. (Pappas, 2009) Short-term isolation is therapeutic at times it calms the minds storms so to speak and is very relaxing. It’s ideal for the sake of confidentiality for whatever reason it is needed i.e. gaining mental clarity or unwinding. In mediation, seeking spirituality, or just to get things in order mentally isolation confines you somewhat within your own realm and allows you discover a sense of self using that time to basically do you and find the answers you’re looking for. This is important as to develop expressive sensibleness to find or build the innermost power essential for surviving with the stress and pressures of everyday life, mental health and spark creativity. The range or the possibilities of the positive effects of solitude every once in a while does so much for people and their relationships with others I feel that it is necessary to just be alone every now and then. You will have the freedom to think and the boundaries of outside influences will not have any effect on you or your judgments while you are spending time in solitude, for that reason allowing you to have more options to your own actions. Your elections are at a reduced chance to be possibly affected by interactions with others. I can...

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