Iso 9000

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The benefits of ISO 9000 adoption and implementation are varied and many, some of these benefits are: 1.Dedication to quality in every procedure and work processes in the organization, every process has to be documented, Also, the abovementioned documented process help the employees to know the exact work required, thus, reducing variations that can happen in a process. With the reduction in variation, process efficacy will be improved, thus, less quality costs for the organization. 2.Recognition of quality, as an organization gets certified for ISO 9000, it is recognized by competitors and customers as having proof of the high quality process the organization employs. 3.Increased customer satisfaction, as ISO 9000 is dictated to improving product quality, its implementation results in less malfunctioning products, more efficiency and a longer product life cycle. Increased customer satisfaction also means more loyal customers every day. 4.Reduced waste, e.g. time and materials.

Strengths of ISO 9000 adoption in academic institutions: 1.ISO 9000 standards are designed for the whole organization, it requires every employee and department in the organization to be dedicated to continuous improvement 2.Improved communication between departments.

3.Improvement in the documentation of internal processes, e.g. work instructions. 4.Define responsibilities for each employee clearly.
5.Would place the academic institution in a better market position in comparison to its competitors. •Weaknesses of ISO 9000 adoption in academic institutions: 1.ISO 9000 standard was originally written and planned for use in companies, particularly in the manufacturing industry. The process of for ISO 9000 standards certification is time consuming and costly
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