Island of Plenty Response

Topics: United States, Pledge of Allegiance / Pages: 4 (951 words) / Published: May 13th, 2012
Svetlana Feldman Professor Crowder SFELD5157@HOSTOS.CUNY.EDU March 26, 2012 Are We Selfish Or Can We Help? In “The Island of Plenty”, Montgomery emphasizes his article on social Darwinism. The United States should not share their resources with other parties to reduce the amount of hunger games going on. Other countries are in this difficult position because they are not capable of reproducing their products. The larger the population becomes, the more products are wasted. Once the population can be controlled then the resources would not become so scarce. “[s]ome of us have polluted the planet by reproducing too many of us” (399 Montgomery). The United States should help others in need because once the help stops serving others then there would be no help from others when needed. The Garden of Eden is known to be an imagery place of the Utopian world. The United States cannot be relatively compared to the Garden of Eden. Being a resident of The United States, it is not such a happy and free place. The United States is overpopulated with minorities from every place of the world. Other countries are over populated as well but with the citizens of their homeland. Once there might have been a theory that The United States was a pure place but now it is not so harmonious and peaceful as others preserve it to be. There might be enough products to support the individuals that live here but not enough power to stand alone. The United States us consuming a large amount of resources from other places. In order for The United States to receive general resources from other places, sharing theirs will help


them reproduce more. If there is a large amount of goods which is more than enough from one country then why not share them? The United States is a country built up with negligence, but Americans so greedy that they want everything for themselves? If The United States would not share their economic resources then the country would be set apart from other materials

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