Island of Paradise

Topics: Hawaii, Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Jarmeshia Johnson
ENGL 1101-57
January 29, 2013
Island of Paradise
One of the most elite, beautiful, and stunning places on earth to visit is really worth ones time. Within this place is this rich tropical atmosphere. The very warm temperature here is incredible almost every day here on this land is the weather is awesome. The people that live here on this island are very welcoming to all. Everyone around has a happy spirit which makes the visitors fell more at home. The culture here is very different and unique, it is special to those who are natives to this island but also unforgettable to those who visits. The rich music has peaceful rhythms and poetic lyrics that celebrate this island life. This is a specific piece of land surrounded by water. This land has incredible scenery all over when visiting. This piece of land has all sorts of thing to do. Welcome to the island known to all as Hawaii.

This is a fascinating place with rich history. Honolulu in Hawaii is known as one of the best places to visit in Hawaii. It is mixed with the serene and beautiful atmosphere that Hawaii has to offer naturally. Hawaii is fairly warm and gentle trade winds, mild temperature and sunny skies depending on where you are. Hawaii only has two seasons which are summer and winter. Summer begins in the month of May and ends in October. Winter begins in the month of November and ends in April. Hawaii has this rich tropical atmosphere and beautiful beaches that is everywhere. Hawaii has multiple of beaches, every beach are use differently. There may be one beach that is used for surfers. There may be another beach where it is for the people to just relax and enjoy the beautiful sun. The island is beautiful all around.

Honolulu is the biggest city in Hawaii. It also has an extreme amount of people in the city. Hawaii has a mix of diversity of people, which makes it a very different society than is seen in other countries. It has a mix that includes Caucasians,...
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