Island of Dr. Moreau, How Wells Depicts Issues

Topics: The Island of Doctor Moreau, H. G. Wells Pages: 4 (1468 words) Published: June 1, 2009
Essay on The Island of Doctor Moreau

H.G. Wells, in writing the novel The Island of Dr. Moreau, used many literary techniques, which implied the world was imperfect, and at the same time suggested some ways of improving it. By revealing to the reader all the faults and fallacies of the world through the plot, characters, and other issues presented, we can look the other way, and see a far better world than the essentially satanic world our own world has become. In summary, Edward Prendick finds himself on a small boat, after being rescued from sunken ‘Lady Vain’. Montgomery, another passenger on the boat, cares for him. Prendick unknowingly follows Montgomery’s advice, and they both leave the boat together when they reach the island of past vivisectionist Dr. Moreau, a move Prendick would regret for the rest of his life. The relatively simple plot helps develop the characters, as well as present the issues in great detail. Essentially, The Island of Dr. Moreau is a resonant warning against scientific obsessiveness.  It is implied throughout the novel that the world is imperfect through the use of evil, sly, violent, impure, and corrupt characters. All of the main characters in The Island of Dr. Moreau have been constructed in such a way that they tie in with perfection, and the achievement of it. By using characters such as the drunkard Montgomery, Wells is able to weed out the imperfections of the flesh, and expose them for all to see. Moreau considers it his job to find these imperfections in man, and destroy them, by doing so making the perfect man. As a big part of the world is the existence of man, if the world were populated by perfect beings, the world would take on characteristics of perfection, improving it dramatically. Moreau manifests himself as a god, thinking himself to be perfect, and tries to make everyone else like him. This is shown by ‘the law’ by which the beast people live by on the island, “His is the hand that makes, his is the hand that...
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