Islamic vs. Sikhism

Topics: Islam, Religion, Hinduism Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Chris Conner
Sandra Pittman
World Religion

(“Is Sikhism just a combination between Hinduism and Islam?”)

Sikhism shares a lot of similarities with the Hinduism and Islamic religions. All three religions believe in some type of reincarnation. Sikhism’s version of reincarnation is, when you merge with Nam, (The Sikh’s God). Hinduism believes in Moksha, (which is the release from reincarnation). The three religions also share the belief of karma, karma being, one’s deed’s, or acts throughout their lives. They believe if a person does good deeds, that person will evoke good karma, however if the person engages in bad deed’s or acts they will evoke bad karma. All three religions agree that bad karma is something to avoid at all costs. Sikhism and the Islamic religion believe in monotheism, which is the worship and belief in only one god. The Hindu, do not share this belief, they believe and worship multiple Gods. . Both Muslims and Sikhs forbid the worship of idols. In Hinduism and Sikhism all addictive substances are forbidden Despite the fact that the three religions (Sikhism, Islamic, Hinduism-) share some similarities, they are also very different in a number of ways. Hinduism believes in a caste system, that Sikhs denounce. The caste system divides people into social and economic groups, mandating everyone’s occupation, level of income, and religious duties. The Sikhs’ dress code is very similar to Islam’s Taliban and Al Qaeda followers. To the untrained eye, they will appear to be the same, the only distinction is a sword that Sikh men wear, called a khanda. Sikhs believe that women are equals and should not wear veils. Hindus and Muslims have very strict and harsh beliefs when it comes to women. As you can see there are just as many differences as there are similarities. Many religions share beliefs and rituals; this does not mean that one spawned from the other. The statement, “Sikhism is just a combination of Hinduism...
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