Islamic View of Engineering

Topics: Qur'an, Muhammad, Sura Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Islamic View of Engineering

By: Farhad Aslam

All science rests on the idea that similar events occur in similar circumstances. Engineering and technology mainly deals with designing, manufacturing, systems, structures, processes etc, for the benefit of mankind. This is accomplished by applying scientific and empirical knowledge and techniques to the material and force created by Allah. Quran is the book for the guidance of all mankind in every walk of life. Allah says “For you we have revealed the Book which manifests the facts about all things, a guide, a blessing and a good news to those submit to Allah” [Surah 16:89] Quran has mentioned various aspects of natural systems and phenomena. Quran has given indications about many technologies directly. These include metallurgy, mining, woodworking, transportation, communication, aerial and apace travel, etc. in the Hadith it is said, “ try to get your earnings from the hidden treasure of the Earth”, an indication to and advance and develop mineralogy and other related fields. It is evident from the history that the progressive attitude was adopted and encouraged by the Prophet(PBUH). For learning and importing the technology of armored cars and mobile weapons called Manjnek, Dababa and Zaboor, the Prophet(PBUH) sent Sahaba to Syria. It may be noted was not a Muslim state at that time. Therefore technology could be transferred from any suitable country. Quran says:

“Against them make your strength ready to the utmost of your power”. There are over 500 references in the Holly Quran that invite man to Tanadhur (observation), Tazakkur (recollection), Tabassur (understanding), Tafakkur (consideration, thinking) and Taaqul (realization) on the natural phenomena and creation. One of the constant prayers of the Prophet (PBUH) was, “ My lord show me the nature of things as they are”. The observable aspect of reality is emphasized by Quran in...
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