Islamic Theism

Topics: Islam, Christianity, Middle East Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Has someone ever spread false rumors about you? If they have, you understand that it affects you in your daily life; you have to live with it. This is what happens to people of Islamic heritage and belief. The western media in specific has made most Americans think of all Muslims being satanic, hellish and insidious people – this is not true. In this paper, it will discuss what the western media says about Muslims, what it is actually like in areas of heavy Islamic belief/heritage and then analyze this information. The western media says many horrific things about Muslims.

“Mutual contacts are based mainly on stereotypes and prejudice, which are clearly observable in the various reports in the media in which Muslims are described as fanatics, irrational, primitive, belligerent, and dangerous”(Shadid and Koningsveld: “Negative Image of Muslims in the West”). After 9/11 the views of Muslims significantly changed for the worst. The media portrays all Muslims to be radicals who all work for Al Qaeda. This affects the lives of Muslims profoundly. For example, a Muslim Woman named Irum Abasi was thrown off of a plane because of a worried flight attendant who thought she heard her say “It’s a go” in her telephone before departure. She was pulled off her flight and they held her in questioning with no substantial non-discriminative evidence (Goodwin: “Muslim Sues Southwest for Kicking her off Flight”). Big channels like NBC, Fox News, CSNBC and ABC News depict them as animals just because of their culture and religion. This is in no way how the Middle East is like.

In all actuality, Muslims follow the same ideals of Christians and Jews. Even though they do not have the Decalogue in the Qur’an they do have all of the commandments listed throughout the Qur’an. (“Comparison of Ten Commandments to Qur’an”). There is a common fallacy saying that Muslims hate Christians, but in-fact, the Qur’an urges them to hold ‘peaceful interfaith dialogue’ with Christians (“Do...
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