Islamic Radicalism

Topics: Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Islam Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Islamic Radicalism

As years have passed, Islam has become a major political force in the contemporary world, arguably through means of terrorism and guerilla warfare. The word Islam actually means, “submission” to the will of Allah, “God” which is similar to how terrorists tend to try and submit others by force to follow said will. These terrorists’ objective is to spread Islamic faith and politics by ridding the world of non-believers to ultimately achieve a pure Islamic state worldwide. There are many reasons why they, the terrorists, believe it to be necessary to pursue such radical goals but the one that sticks out the most is the ultimate goal of getting rid of the Nation of Satan or rather the United States of America. Democracy, to them, is a tool of the Devil because the Qur’an states that only Allah can rule mankind, and man should follow accordingly.

History is full of tales of religious radicals using something that should otherwise be seen as beautiful and turning it into a catalyst for revolution so they can make the change they wish upon the world. Hitler did it but his ultimate goal was for his followers to see him as a divine leader and no other was higher than him and of course you can look back to the leader of ancient Persia, Xerxses the Great, and see another time when a leader thought himself to be divine and ruled by fear. Well, in the case of radical Islam there is no defined leader other than Allah so you see splits in the beliefs of how the objectives should be carried out and also what the set objectives actually are. These are minute splits but the major objectives are almost universal. The spreading of Islam, convert or die, and moving towards a pure Islamic state seem to be the doctrine preached by radical leaders who recruit young Islamic boys to carry out the tasks to achieve these lofty objectives. Spreading Islam by any means necessary could range anywhere from threats of action, to a suicide bomber blowing...

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