Islamic culture

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Islamic Culture
Overcoming Religious illiteracy

This Article is one that shares on the topic of how many people are uneducated in Religion weather it be theirs or someone else’s. Moore says “Religious literacy entails the ability to discern and analyze the fundamental intersections of religion and social/political/cultural life through multiple lenses” therefor I agree with her statement there is a lot more to other Religions than meets the eye, which many people are not willing to learn which leads to prejudice and racism due to lack of knowledge. In my own opinion I believed that teachings in Religion in schools would be wildly popular due to the fact that students would find it interesting as have the urge to know the real Religion we hear about these people all over the news etc. I was wrong it seems here in America based on where you live and how you communicate is and within your families is where you should find this information from, which I firmly disagree with. Growing up in todays world if we don’t have the proper teachings of these other religions besides our owns there will be no change in this world and people will go on hating eachother based on Religious stereotypes. If teachers are prepped the right way before teachings students as she mentions and that I have experienced first hand then much is to be gained in the minds of young students entering the world.

Jordan Cotler
Islamic Culture
Approaches to the study of Religion
Asani would like to know if we will ever be able to Islam in a different light than most see it in now, which is if you are Muslim than you must be a “radical muslim” who wants to kill westerners. Here explores three different ways in which a person can go about trying to learn this Religion to show that just because the actions of a few men that follow the same Religion doesn’t mean they all interpret the religion in the same ways. His first teaching method is called “ The Devotional Approach” is

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