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Topics: Muhammad, Islam, Qur'an Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: October 8, 1999
A mosque is a Muslim’s house of prayer. Mosques are not only the center of religious prayer among Muslims but also the center of the Muslim community in the area. However, Muslims feel it is not necessary to pray in mosques, Mohammed taught that Prayer can be held anywhere to Allah. Muhammad also taught that whoever builds a mosque will go directly to heaven because it pleases Allah greatly. Mosques usually contain a place for washing and enriching oneself, a main hall where prayers are done, rooms for studying and teaching the young, and also a room for preparing the dead for burial. Outside the Mosque

Almost all mosques have an onion dome with a crescent on top and a tower called a minaret from which the muezzin (call to prayer) is called five times a day. In the courtyard of the mosque there must be running water for Muslims to clean themselves with in preparation for prayer. Inside the Mosque

Inside a mosque you will notice that there are no shoes as a sign of respect to Allah (remember Moses-Holy ground). There will be no seats in a mosque but instead prayer mats which will have an arch on them facing the direction of Mecca which all Muslims must turn to when praying. You will see no statues or pictures in a mosque because they are afraid that with these images idyllic worshiping might come back. However, you will see arches engraved with Arabic calligraphy from the Koran. The main service of a mosque is on Friday when most male Muslims come to pray among each other. Muslim women are under no obligation go to the mosque on Friday as they have the house and their children to take care of. I conclude to say that Mosques have great morals to them and truly do present a wonderful environment for worshiping to god.
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