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Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Muslim Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Mrs. Chupe
LEAP World History-2
October 10, 2013
The Spread of Islam
Islam is a monotheistic religion that spread very quickly throughout south, South-Eastern Asia, and Africa through exposure to the religion. The Islamic faith spread so quickly because of the positive aspects of the religion, trade, and also military campaigns. One of the reasons for the Islamic faith spreading so quickly is that there was a lot of trade happening where Islam first emerged. There were many trade routes throughout Mecca, and it was a very prosperous and important city (Doc A). In the excerpt from the Great Ages of Man: Early Islam, Desmond Stewart and editors used an informative tone to show how they believed that Mecca was a very important place for trade. Since Mecca was where Islam first emerged and so much trade occurred, it caused Islam to spread quickly. The merchants coming in and out of Mecca for trade exposed the Islamic faith to them and they would've adopted the faith and shared it with their people. To better show spread of Islam through trade, a journal entry from an Islamic merchant would be helpful, because it would've been a great primary source to show exactly what occurred along the trade route and prove that trade help spread Islam. Another reason for the quick spreading of Islam is through the military campaigns that occurred around the time that the faith emerged. The military campaigns are shown by the arrows (doc C), which would’ve also exposed the Islamic faith throughout these campaigns and spread it even more. Whenever the Muslim army went against the “unbelievers” and conquered them, the ones that chose to stay “unbelievers” were forced to pay a land tax (doc F). Some people wanted to convert so that they wouldn't have to pay the land tax and thought it would be a better path to take so it spread the faith quickly that way, this was all because of the military campaigns that occurred. In the excerpt from The Origins of the Islamic State, Ahmad...
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