Islam Boiethics

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Islamic ethics in is all about a Muslim’s relationship with Allah. * Muslims believe that Allah is the all powerful creator of the universe to whom all humans are called to submit. Allah has revealed himself through the prophets the Shari’a (Law) that governs the whole of a Muslim’s life. This includes moral and ethical teachings on what is permissible (halal) and what is forbidden (haraam). * Ethical teachings in Islam include teachings about bioethical issues. These teachings are found in all the major sources of Islamic teachings, the Qur'an, Hadith and Shari’a (Ijma & Qiyas). The Qur'an provides a number of specific references to bioethical issues.... The Hadith also provides a number of specific teachings together with the reiteration of important principles expressed in the Qur'an. Finally, Islamic law, known as Shari’a contains many examples of teaching relating to bioethical issues. The basic principles found in the Qur'an show that life is a gift from Allah and is to be cared for and respected. * The religion of Islam provides clear ethical teachings on issues relating to bioethics. These teachings are found in all the major sources of Islamic teachings, the Qur'an, Hadith and Shari’a. While Islamic teachings do not specifically address many of the modern bioethical concerns, they do, however, provide clear guiding principles which can be applied to these issues. The Qur'an provides some specific teachings, but principally it sets forth values and principles which can be applied to a range of issues....... The Qur'an also teaches that Muslims will have to answer for their actions at the time of judgement. The traditions of the Hadith reiterate the teaching of the Qur'an and include some important teachings as does Shari’a. SOURCES

* Qur’an / Qiyas - “If you should quarrel over anything, refer it to Allah and the messenger.” Qur’an 4:59 * Muhammad - “In Allah’s messenger you have a model for anyone whose hope is in God and the last day.” Qur’an, 33:21 * Ijma – Muhammad said, “My community will not agree on an error” * Right Action: “only he (will prosper) that brings to God a sound heart” Qur’an, 26:89 GENERAL ETHICS

* “The religion of Islam believes in the principle of saving human lives.” According to A. Sachedina in his Transplantation Proceedings' (1990) article, Islamic Views on Organ Transplantation, "the majority of the Muslim scholars belonging to various schools of Islamic law have invoked the principle of priority of saving human life and have permitted the organ transplant as a necessity to procure that noble end." * “To protect human life in all stages and under all circumstances, doing my utmost to rescue it from death, malady, pain and anxiety…… To be, an instrument of God's mercy, extending my medical care to near and far, virtuous and sinner and friend and enemy.” (Oath of Muslim doctor) * “It is he, who has created for you all things that are on earth “ Sura 2 * Muhammad said "O Muslims, seek cure, since God has not created any illness without creating a cure.” Therefore Islam embraces and encourages medical research. ORGAN DONATION

* “Organ donation must be given freely without reward. Trading in organs is prohibited.” (M Zaki Bacawi) * “Whoever helps a brother in difficulty, God will help him through his difficulties in the day of judgement.” * “Under Islamic principle of the purposes and higher causes of the Shari’a, we believe it is a who-so-ever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he saved the life of all mankind". Sur 5:32 * ‘If the living are able to donate, then the dead are even more so …….. This is indeed a charity and directly fulfils God's words’ * ‘And who-so-ever saves a human life it is as though he has saved all mankind'. (Islamic Code of Medical ethics) EUTHANASIA / SUICIDE

* “My subject hastened his end, I deny him...
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