Islam Being Frowned Upon

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Islam being frowned upon in Society
When asking someone about their religion every religion gets the same reaction either “oh that’s cool” or will make a comment to seem interested, but when the answer is Islam, the facial expression and opinion of the person changes, and the first thing that comes to mind is “terrorist” or “why?” This, is not a personal opinion, this is a fact. I have witnessed many instances where someone who is Muslim being judged and looked down upon. In fact, in an article written by Ghazali (2011) states that “many American Muslims have a story of discriminative treatment ranging from physical attacks, a nasty gaze, casual comments to work place harassment, burning mosques and the Quran. Muslims have witnessed the ever-growing marginalization of their communities.” This is sickening and should have a stop put to it. Something comparable to this topic is asking someone their nationality, and their answer being “German.” When first hearing that no one assumes that they are a Nazi. They are just human beings, with a cultural background, nothing more. It is amazing how Islam is judged as the terrorist religion, but Islam actually means peace (salaam). In Women 93 of the Holy Qur’an by God (610 CE), it says “if someone kills someone purposefully, this person will not be Muslim anymore, and God will be angry at that person. God won’t bless that person anymore, even if that person tried to make up for it and that person will go to hell and there is no other way”. So the question being asked is why is it that when someone states that they are Muslim they get judged negatively around the world?

To lead into many ideas, opinions, and etc of how Islam is viewed around the world, it would be best to start off by discussing the history of Islam and how it was formed. The history of Islam is definitely unique in its own way. In Islam it is important to know that in order to be Muslim you must believe that there is “One God and that Muhammad is His prophet.” In a detailed online website about the history of Islam, Isseroff (2003) discusses how Muhammad changed the history and the destiny of Arabia and most of the world. He was born in about c. A.D. 570 to the Banu Hashim family, which were merchants in the tribe of Quraysh in Mecca. When he was 25 he married a woman named Khadija who was the widow of a rich merchant and 15 years older than Muhammad. At the age of 40 he started preaching a new religion and started become opposed by the Mecca oligarchy. He made a lot of enemies and very few people to convert. The first people who converted were Khadija, Ali (who became the husband of Fatima (daughter of Muhammad)), and Abu-Bakr (father in-law of Muhammad). After Muhammad left Mecca he went to Medina (Hijra) around 620, ‎Mecca became actively hostile, since much of its revenues depended on its pagan ‎shrine, the Kaaba, under the protection of the Quraysh, and an attack on the existing ‎Arab religion was an attack on the prosperity of Mecca.‎ Following the death of Khadija in 619, Muhammad later married eleven other women. ‎ Tradition relates that he and his followers were invited to the town of Yathrib by ‎Jewish and Christian tribes after they were no longer welcome in Mecca. In 622, the ‎first year of the Muslim calendar, they set out on the Hijra, the emigration to Yathrib, ‎later renamed Medina, meaning "the city" where Muhammad concluded a treaty with ‎the tribes of Medina. A large number of Medinans, known as the Ansar (helpers), ‎were attracted to Muhammad's cause. Early versions of ‎Islamic practice included Jewish practices such as the fast of Yom Kippur and prayer ‎to Jerusalem, most likely influenced by the Jews of Medina. These were eventually ‎dropped, and the direction of prayer was turned to Mecca. ‎ In 624 the Battle of Badr broke out, this battle is related to the Qur’an and is often called the first battle of Islam, but there have been several battles before...
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