Islam and Ramadan

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Ramadan, A month of Prayer
Ramadan is a ninth month of the Islamic calendar (Sievert 6). The month of Ramadan is extremely important in the Islamic world because during this month Quran, which is the Holy bible in Islam, was revealed. Quran was sent down to earth from the heaven. It is a book, which is sent down to guide individuals, also known as “Declaration of direction and a mean of salvation” (Melizo 1). Ramadan is a word, which means heat, scorched ground and shortness of rations (Hartov 259). Ramadan lasts for a whole month and during this month Muslims are supposed to fast. Ramadan is a month when Muslims concentrate more on their faith and prayer to God rather than on their everyday lives. During the Fast of Ramadan strict rules are imposed on Muslims that they have to follow. For instance, when Muslims are fasting they are not allowed to eat or drink anything. They cannot even drink water or chew gum. They are also not supposed to wear lipstick or brush their teeth while fasting, basically they cannot taste anything. Smoking and having sexual relations are also forbidden while fasting. Muslims can eat early in the morning before the sun rises known as “Suhoor” and after eating their meal they perform their first prayer known as fajr. The breaking of the fast is called “Iftar”, which takes place when the sun is down. The “Iftar” is broken with meal and the fourth prayer of the day known as Maghreb. After breaking the fast most Muslims go to visit their families and friends. Also, at night Muslims go to Mosque to read their last prayer of the day known as “Isha” and Tarawih, which is a prayer practiced by most Sunni Muslims. Tarawih is a special nightly prayer when Muslims read the entire section of the Quran. There are thirty sections in the Quran and every night each section is read by Muslims so at the end of the month they have re-read the entire Quran. The fasting of Ramadan is designed for Muslims so they realize the pain of poor people and give out food to the homeless and people who cannot afford to buy food. This month makes one to be more charitable and help the needy. During this month Muslims also pay Zakat if they can afford it. Zakat can be paid any time of the year but most Muslims pay it during the month of the Ramadan since it is the most blessed month of the year. During the month of Ramadan it is required for one to stay away from the evil and spent most of their time in remembering God. For instance, the good that is acquired in the month of Ramadan can be destroyed by five things such as the telling of a lie, slander, denouncing someone behind their back, a false oath and greed or covetousness (Melizo1). The fast can automatically break if an individual does any of these things. The month of Ramadan is set up for Muslims to practice their faith and devote most of their time to God. This month helps individuals to do good deeds and when the month is over most people are still devoted to God and stay away from bad deeds such as telling a lie and they start performing their five pillars regularly. The five pillars are the duties that every Muslim must perform. In other words, every Muslim is supposed to pray five times a day called Salat, they are supposed to give money to the poor known as Zakat. They are also supposed to perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime if affordable, which is a pilgrimage to Mecca. They are also supposed to fast during the month of Ramadan and most importantly they are supposed to believe on the Shahada, it is affirmation and a duty to recite the creed which means that "There is nothing worthy of worship save Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God"(Melizo 4). In the month of Ramadan the first revelation occurred on the night of the 27th day of the Ramadan. This night is called the Laylat-al-Qadr, which means the Night of Power. According to the Quran, this is when God determines the course of the world for the following year (Melizo 2). Every Muslim who is...
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