islam and peace

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Peace is a natural state which attracts each and every individual. Meaning of peace
Peace and countries
Peace and Religion
Islam is the religion of peace
Islamic teachings of peace
Peace and Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)
Muslims and peace in today’s world
Injustice to Muslim world
Peace in Muslim countries
Muslim terrorists portray a bad image of Islam
Peace can be achieved by dialogue and justice
Forgiveness can promote peace
Tolerant and peaceful Muslim society must have true understanding of the Islam

Islam created a society more free from prevalent cruelty and social tyranny than any society that has ever been in the world before. The peaceful atmosphere is required for the spiritual and moral progress of the individual. A good society can be developed in the atmosphere of peace. Islam does not permit rampant violence. But there is considerable prejudice against Muslims and they are viewed with suspicion.

Peace is a natural state which attracts each and every individual. It is a condition that everyone is looking for. Good person do not like to create turbulence that affects the peace. Peace is disturbed when the balance of rights and responsibilities between individuals and societies is lost. The lack of fulfillment of responsibilities and encroachment of rights can lead to deep wounds. These irreparable rifts can ultimately lead to full-fledged war.

Normally the meaning of peace is understood by individuals according to their culture, interest, benefits, and wishes. In every culture the meanings of peace are understood differently. The universal meaning of peace defines a state that provides inner satisfaction which in turns has a positive influence or impact on the outside environment. The dilemma in today’s world is that every country claims peace but indirectly every country somewhere somehow supports other countries that are working against peace or want to look at peace according to their benefit. It is interesting to note that the world has been under the influence of different socio-political ideologies over time. Every concept gained popularity on the basis of peace. However the result was an enigma.

Democratic states or republics like United States of America, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, or India, engage in international bloc politics since they need help from each other. However their vested interests come in the way of universal peace and peace gets chosen only for particular regions, nations, groups and states. ‘Peace for all’ is just a slogan and is used just as a modern terminology. So, promotion of peace is now benchmarked by aid or benefit from another state and is purely meant for the interest of the nation and it could also be used for the expansion of illegitimate power.

The world in the recent past was a bi-polar system with the standing powers of USSR and USA. However with the defeat of the former in Afghanistan, the single power now rests with the USA making for a uni-polar system. However world politics is again changing faces. China is another emerging power, a strong contender soon to change the political topography to bi-polar again. China is strengthening its economy with massive world trade. It does not send its troops into any of the peace keeping missions or recent wars. This way it is preserving, protecting and strengthening its republic.

Another challenging contender is the Islamic Republic of Iran. There has been an historic gulf between Iran and USA, perhaps related to the American hostage history. Currently, Iran has pressure from the world to stop nuclear production. However, Iran wants to continue its research and production of nuclear technology. It argues that it is doing so for peaceful purposes. The countries making demands on Iran to curb its nuclear industry are themselves profusely engaged in it. If China talks about peace then it has its own interest in it. If USA talks of peace then it has its own interest in it. Similarly,...
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